Meeting up with coworker for the first time?


I met this guy through work - we're in the same company, working remotely on different projects. We initially came across each other 2 years ago when we first started, lost contact, then recently crossed paths again when our teams started working together on something. We collab a bit, and from the start I started getting the idea that he was looking for my attention. He's a smart guy and was asking me loads of dumb questions; things he should know the answer to. However, when I tried to move the conversation onto casual topics he would go quiet, so I assumed I was wrong.

Still, we kept messaging each other even after the collab was over, and I added him to a GC of friends. I noticed he would reply or react to nearly EVERYTHING I write, but assumed that's just how he acts. Then, as we have a period of low volume, some of us started going into video meetings together for company. It was like the very second I said I was in the VC, he would pop up. We soon figured we had a lot of similar interests so that made conversation easy, and then he started telling me some personal stuff.

At first, I took a long time to decide if I was interested, even though I'm still not sure if he is. Recently, I made the decision to try and get him alone more often, so I could make my decision. Yesterday, we discovered we actually live VERY close to each other, so I suggested we meet to "walk our dogs". He agreed.

Now I'm not sure how to behave when we meet. We only met face to face very briefly at a party MONTHS ago, so I still don't feel like I know him very well, even after all the long talks. Should I act familiar? Or reserved? Could it become a date? How can I judge if he WANTS it to be a date?

I suggested it so casually... but now that he agreed I'm so so nervous/unsure

(sorry for my English)

Meeting up with coworker for the first time?
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