Experience dating coworker?

Hi, I'm looking for peoples' experiences when they've dated coworkers.. either before, during or after the relationship.

And don't tell me not to, I already know it's not the best idea. That's not what I'm asking this question for.

I just want experiences.



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  • This is a common subject. People always ask questions about getting together with co-workers, or even worse, Bosses.

    This is a terrible idea.


    Because, everyone will talk about this. No, you cannot keep it a secret. Everyone knows "who's doing who". People can see the subtle looks, body language, etc. People will talk about you, in some cases, negatively, because they know it isn't cool.

    If the 2 parties are overt in their relationship, it creates a nonprofessional environment, which can lead to difficulties with the bosses.

    If it IS a boss, then problems with the next level of management may occur. Rumors are worse. "Look who's sleeping themselves upward".. on and on.

    THEN, if the relationship fails. What then? Well, the talk gets worse. The two parties themselves may talk poorly about the other person. Rumors are started. True or false, a bad environment ensues.

    Nothing good becomes of this.


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  • Most relationships fail, so it's usually not a good idea, especially if you have to see them all the time after your break-up. Anyway, you can always attempt it if you want.


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  • Depends how mature y'all are. If he cheats on you with another coworker can and will you be mature and not cause work drama?

    What if you cheats on you with another coworker?

  • It is dangerous territory. If anything goes wrong, it may be extremely awkward afterwards. Some establishments do not even tolerate it at all and will move one party somewhere else.

  • Dated a girl from work and we kept it hidden for six months. I was actually engaged to her before anyone found out we were dating. This is when the shit started. EVERYONE gets in your business, management hates the two of you dating, and you never get any peace at work.
    Finally she couldn't take it and quit to take a lesser paying job somewhere else. Actually almost killed our engagement. But it finally paid off, we have been married three years now

    • Thank you for sharing your experience

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    • Hahah, that would have been epic... Suddenly just show up with wedding rings on both your fingers.

    • I wanted to do that, at least no tell anyone until I had the engagement ring on her. But she felt at least that we were engaged - we didn't buy her ring until a few weeks later - we needed to let everyone know so they wouldn't freak out. OH if we had only known.

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