Does my professor have a crush on me?

Hear me out … I’m 21 and my professor is in his mid 30s. He’s single with no kids.

I noticed him staring at me in class last semester when I wasn’t paying attention. When I would turn to look at him he would look away or down. The few times we would make eye contact is when he tells funny stories or jokes. I’m very quiet so we never rlly interacted until one day I shared something personal with the class. His eyes lit up and he said, “Thank you for sharing (my name) blah blah blah…” But when the other students shared after that he didn’t care.

The last day of class last semester we were busy taking notes for the final exam. As I’m writing I could feel his eyes on me. Then I looked up and we made eye contact. He gave me that, “what’s up?” nod that guys do. I smiled shyly and we broke eye contact. Semester ends and during break I’m out to dinner with my fam. As our hostess is showing us to our table we walk past my professor and his group of friends table. During dinner I saw this guy get up and stare at me from behind a wall. I have bad vision far away so I didn’t realize it was him. By the time I recognized him it was too late, he had already left. I felt so bad for not saying hi.

I’m taking another one of his classes this semester and last week was the first day. I was kinda squinting at him because (again) I have bad vision and I made the mistake of sitting in the back. But I must have looked mad or something and he gave me another “what’s up?” nod. He still stares at me when I’m not looking. Advice?

1 y
Update: I called my professor handsome. This is how he responded:

Hi (my name)

Thank you, you made my day with the compliment 🙂 you looked great as well by the way

I promise I'll keep you in mind from this point on and I'll say hi every time we cross paths 😉”
Does my professor have a crush on me?
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