I think my professor has a crush on me?

My professor seems to have a thing for me. He's 32 years old, is an adjunct professor, still lives with his parents, and is single. In class he would be interested in talking to me and knowing more about me. He asked me like twice if I had a boyfriend or how old was I. Whenever he would be absent I would be the only person in class who would get an email from him explaining why he was absent. He would compliment me whenever I came to class with a nice outfit on. When I'd first walk into class I would notice him staring at me. Overall he seemed to pay a lot of attention towards me. My friends think he's ugly but I do find him strangely attractive. I think he's funny. The only unattractive things about him is the fact that he still lives with his parents and may be a little bitter about life sometimes...especially women (I think he got dumped once)... After Tuesday he will no longer be my teacher. Part of me doesn't want to go after him but the other part does. I heard he's going to get fired soon. What should I do?
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p.s The reason why he's going to be fired is because apparently a lot of his students complained about him being unprofessional/being a jerk. And because his boss thinks he sucks at being a professor since he's more "high schoolish".
I think my professor has a crush on me?
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