Is this a red flag or normal guy behavior?


Would you consider it a red flag if, after going on a date with a guy earlier in the week (the moment I got home, I had already received a text from him saying it was nice meeting me and that he had a great night), we've been texting back and forth, sometimes exchanging messages within minutes, but other times it takes hours or even until the next day for him to respond?

He keeps asking questions, so I'd say he's keen. Am I overthinking it, or is this just a guy thing?

He hasn't shown as having read my latest message, which I sent around 4pm yesterday, but I imagine he's seen it, and it's almost been 24 hours.

I've checked occasionally throughout the day today, and one time it did show him online, but only for a minute or so.

He did say yesterday in one of his messages that he had some errands to run and had work and house stuff to catch up on, but I can't imagine that he couldn't spare a minute to reply.

Is this a red flag or normal guy behavior?
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