Is this just normal guy behavior?

Yesterday I was very surprised because my dad told my cousin to get him and his step sister or kinda step sister some beers to get her to (have sex) like he was actually giving him tips about how to get sex with her I was shocked to hear my own dad say that he also asked my cousin if he was gay or kinda implied it my cousin says that he does not want sex with her at all. Is this just how guys talk to each other or is this just what assholes do? My dad is very sweet with us so I was surprised also I think it’s very messed up that society encourages men to get laid and if a woman does get laid she is considered a whore that makes no sense. My dad also said something like a guy would have sex with a rat if he could ( kind of implying why it’s okay to have sex with that girl). I was so disturbed like wtf my own father. I hope that this isn’t how most men think.
1 y
His step sister is my cousin too or kind of is and she just turned 18
Is this just normal guy behavior?
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