Why is he ignoring me but is also nervous around me?


I think this is quite a complicated case. So I had a thing with this guy last year (almost got into relationship, with him promising, being romantic and stuff) but he decided to end it as he was not ready for serious relationship (kind of like being led on?), basically he gave me a choice to either be his friend or not, and nothing more than that. and now it has been like almost 8 months since this happened. And I notice that all this time he's been ignoring me, looks angry but is also quite nervous around me. Like when I pass by him close ,(we are classmates), he would suddenly take a deep breath and sigh. Or whenever we walk pass each other from opposite direction he would rub his neck and hair and look nervous while looking up and down. Only in group discussions in class that he normally responds to what I say and help but I think that is due to the teacher's participation. But he can communicate with others like normal outside class. When my friend or anyone say hi to him, he said hi back. But when I said hi to him, he just raised his hand and waved it, and then look down to the floor. But when he sits in class near me he would aggressively rub his hair, his face, fix his cloth, rub his arm, keep sliding his hand through his legs and rub his shoes. Sometimes my friend caught him stealing glances at me. But the thing is, whenever he said something to me (which is outside of class and rare, due to needs), he sounds quite angry. He can be quite friendly to other people but not quite to me.

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Edit : We have been ignoring each other since that happened.
Why is he ignoring me but is also nervous around me?
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