I like a guy from my class, do you reckon he might feel the same back?

I’ve always like him (20) but not romantically, as I have a boyfriend so I was never attracted to him sexually (or that’s what I wanna think). It’s rather admiration and affection in a friendly manner. Although, I could unexpectedly hugged him sometimes so I guess he was aware I was attracted to him. In January, we spontaneously started texting for hours during some nights, and we got to know more about each other having a lot of connection. However, we also talked about sex, made some compliments and shared intimate stuff, which make my crush get super real this time. We have been like this since then and my feelings got more serious, to the point I care about him and text him almost everyday. We spent nights texting each other without stopping for hours talking about relationships, feelings, random stuff, everything. He knows I love him and that I care about him cause I tell him. But at uni, he now acts a little dumb towards me when we’re around his friends and I don’t like that, he’s almost completely different but still nice tho. My boyfriend is aware that I’m friends with him but not too much about the intensity of my crush. I just wonder if this guy might feel the same back, as we always get to talk about sex and relationships when texting or irl. He even told me I could visit his parent’s place in their home town and that I’m gorgeous. But don’t get to feel 100% sure whether or not he might feel the same.
Yes, he does
He doesn’t, just friends
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I like a guy from my class, do you reckon he might feel the same back?
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