My cousin mocked my feet in front of my crush… help?

I’m 18. My cousins are younger. We were in the garden & my 13 year old cousin, who isn’t normally like this with me happen to be annoyed for whatever reason. This isn’t a typical interaction between us so I wasn’t really sure how to handle it.

I have a crush on my neighbour. I haven’t spoken to him in years but we did talk when we were kids. He was the only one in his garden so I know he was listening to every word cuz we were the only ones talking.

My cousin started calling me “cheesy feet”, I ignored it a few times but it got embarrassing and I’m a girl so no woman wants to be called that. So I asked why he calls me it cuz I knew it wasn’t because I smell. He responded “‘Cuz they’re ugly” he then went to describe how my toes are long and the nails are short & it looks ugly. I had no response & just said “Oh cuz I was going to say there’s no way I have smelly feet. My feet never stink.” I knew he was listening. I was just laughing like an idiot not knowing how to deal with this. If he was my age I would just insult him but he’s a kid. I was often laughing on my own with everyone wondering why I’m laughing too much.

It just got worse cuz we were playing a game where you listen to loud music and try & guess what the other person is saying from reading their lips. I was the worst at it, I couldn’t understand anything and after a while I could tell they were arguing so I took of my headphones and asked what’s going on and one of my other cousins goes “they’re picking on you”. I almost got serious and confrontational at this point and asked him what he said, and he was like “nothing.” That’s when his sister said “he keeps calling you cheesy feet”. I decided to just move on & say ok who’s next & he went along with it. He stopped after that.

My neighbour turned around to watch me leave this morning when he was outside with his brother which is the first time he saw me since that whole convo

What would you guys think of you heard this happen with your neighbours?

My cousin mocked my feet in front of my crush… help?
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