Please help, I confessed my feelings to a shy guy over text, and he hasn’t replied yet?

I confessed my feelings to this shy guy I’ve been liking for almost a year. We go to university together and take the same classes. So we talk sometimes and have mutual friends. I’m very close with his guy best friend from high school as well. I tend to have a couple guy friends.

Throughout this whole year, I’ve never really seen him talk to other girls except me. I’m the girl he is closest to at university.
I confessed to him over text 2 weeks ago, and haven’t gotten a reply. I know he read the message though. I saw him today at our exam but we haven’t gotten a chance to talk. We are in exam period so it is kind of a stressful time. Our lectures are done for the year so I won’t really be seeing him this year except maybe during our exams.

He has given so many signs that he likes me

- he always walks with me to and from class and sits next to me in our engineering class
- he smiles whenever he sees me
- he always sits near by me in the student labs
-he sometimes initiates conversation
- he’s always smiling when he is around me and helps me with my assignments and things
- he even went with me once to this formal thing when I asked him to join me, and when we were there he never spoke to other girls, even when they come up to him he didn’t seem interested. He would just come up and talk to me, and we even danced together a little. He also asked me to play beer bong with him. Before he left he gave me this deep hug, and was so worried that I was doing okay
- He sometimes stutters when he’s around me, or it seems like he is tongue tied sometimes
- I catch him staring at me a lot, Even from afar
- Whenever I initiate a hug, he always gives these deep hugs

He is very good-looking though, but he has never been in a relationship so doesn’t have much experience with girls. I don’t know if that might be part of it. But I just want to know your thoughts on this, do you think he still likes me, and wants to respond in person. Could he be waiting till exams are over.
Please help, I confessed my feelings to a shy guy over text, and he hasn’t replied yet?
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