Quiet shy guy didn't text back in 3 weeks. Why is he doing this? Should I confront?

Last year I met him in one of my classes. I was the only person he'd go up to for Q&A's from on the classwork as well as asking me if we had a quiz or can I use your eraser. Simple things like that. But it was only to me. No one else. He hardly talks in any of his classes. I asked him to be in 3 projects with me and he said yes to all. He asked for my # due to we couldn't do it on the day I assigned to do it on. A month later I kind of texted him for a while but his replies were short and would text back an hr or more later. He never texted first. His friend in that class with me would tell me that the shy guy is ripped and things he'd tell him, Tell her you play hockey. He would say no, or put his head down/smile. When I talked to him, he replies differently than he does with other girls. He says a few words or nods his head. A few times when I'm near him he breathes a bit deeply. He's a bit nicer when his friends aren't near me.

Last summer I texted him a bit but it was again not very much he would say.

Senior year his friends mentioned me or giggle to him jokingly when I was around. The shy guy would say "I don't like her. She's weird or shut up." A girl that he barely knows went to him and asked about me. He said very quickly, I don't understand why so many people think that I like her. She's overreacting. 3 weeks ago I told him that I've liked him for a year. He was looking at his phone, had a small shyish smile. "Sure alright thanks... bye." Then left. The same day he texted me and said sorry about walking off earlier I'm pretty shy. I said why are you shy. He didn't text back. Then I said tbh when you left I thought you wanted to ignore me. He didn't text back. 4 days later I texted him the real reason I wanted to confess to him. It was about his friends teasing him about me and that I thought he knew. I also said if there's anything you want to tell me, I'm here. I also said sorry about asking why he's shy. He didn't text back.
He hates you
He likes you but is too shy to admit it
He doesn't know what to do
He's scared
He maybe didn't receive the message
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Quiet shy guy didn't text back in 3 weeks. Why is he doing this? Should I confront?
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