Why is my boyfriend acting so weird?

Hey guys! I (19F) have been in a relationship with my boyfriend (20M) for 7 months. He has always been this loving boy who's been there for me all the time. I suffer from really bad panic attacks and breakdowns so whenever I am upset I call him and he calms me down.

A week ago he went outstation for a trip with his family and ever since he has become super distant. He had told me prior to this departure that the chances of us communicating would be pretty slim but he'd try.

But the "try" was literally never there. He stopped initiating convos, not a single text from him if I dont text him first.

He says he has a lot of things going on and he is not in a good place of mind rn and stuff. I asked him whats up, he is like "nothing gtg bye love you"

Whenever I text him, he HAS to leave. he doesn't have 5 mins for me.

I was in a middle of a breakdown and I texted him, he is saying "Icant talk right now", "I'll talk when I come back" "I can't talk pls try to understand", i kept telling him "I need you" but he wasn't sparing 5 mins.

He is saying he doesn't want to talk to anyone. and slowly he is someone i dont know anymore.

He wasn't like this.. What changed?

Why is my boyfriend acting so weird?
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