Calling All Players!!! Good Girl Needs Your Help :)

Hey guys!

Long Story Short:

Guy gives me number. Guy texts me. I go on date with guy. (NOTHING on first date. ever.) Go on second date. Third date. Two months later still hanging out almost every day. He doesn't want to commit. I tell him I'm too good to be his makeout buddy. I dump him. Feel bad. Get back together. Find out he was having sex with another girl in the first two months (I'm saving myself for marriage) Guy takes me to meet his parents. Guy says we're 'official' guy has to leave for a week (that was honestly planned well in advance) same week as my birthday. On my birthday I get a VERY insincere almost 'forced' text around 1:30pm saying he'll try to call. I just don't text back. He calls around 10pm and says he doesn't have long to talk because he's about to go out with his friends. I don't get mad, I just tell him I'm having a great day and I hope he has fun. Now today, he has texted me again asking if I had fun last night. That's what he'll do whether he's here or not. He'll completely shower me with attention then not really talk to me for ilke a day or talk as little as he has to. Player?

Bottom Line: He doesn't make much of an effort. Pretty sure he's with other girls on his 'trip'. I'm too good for him. So is every other girl. Pretty sure he's a player. Now here's where I need your help.

I am going to break up with him. Before I do, I want to have as much 'fun' with him as I can. ;) So boys, what's the best way to play a player? I can't believe I've stooped this low ha ha but he has definitely messed with the wrong girl.

So, text him back? Ignore him completely? Text him right before I go out tonight? Just ignore him until he gets back from his trip tomorrow? Play along and go on as usual? Come on guys! Whatcha got?
Calling All Players!!! Good Girl Needs Your Help :)
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