Man says he doesn't want a relationship but doesn't want to lose what we have?

I met a man 2 years ago at work...we connected right away...i thought he was attractive but wasn't really sure he was my type...we started talking and had a connection right away...we ended up being intimate..he showed signs of jealousy of a guy at work

I've never been so connected to a man and felt so comfortable even with my ex husband for 13 years...i truly believe this person is my soulmate...he got me to open up to him, brought me around his son

He tells me all the time he cares about me and has never had a connection with a woman like this either...maybe its just words?

He invited me last year with his family Xmas eve and after many drinks on his part he admitted that he does love me, he thinks about me every morning and night before he goes to bed but he can't love me the way I need him to.

He was involved with someone and after a year was going to visit her, I confessed my true feelings and he told me that even if he felt the same way it wouldn't be realistic

I have children, as does he, and he said that he didn't want to take on someone else's kids

He did tell me in the beginning he didn't want to be in a relationship but not saying that he would change his mind

He has always been upfront with me and I though I could handle just hanging out and being friends

We stopped hanging out for a while and have been hanging out again...i try to convince myself and him that I am just fine with being friends and he tells me he knows that my emotions are still there and if we are intimate its dangerous to our friendship, he likes things the way they are

I truly believe he has feelings for me but is afraid to let me know, his actions say things too...

But I am unhappy because I am in love with him and have never been in love like this but he tells me he doesn't want a relationship with me

So, I've been considering just ending all contact and when I do this he brings me back in

if I stop contacting him I will miss what we have, but if I stay I miss and want to spend more time with him

What to do?

Please help, I'm dying here!

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And he also always says he wants me to find someone that will give me what I need...even goes to the trouble of telling me he will pay for the dating website...WTF is that?

Yesterday I told him via text how I felt and couldn't lie to myself or him anymore of my feelings and I shouldn't have to feel bad about them

He replied that he had a lot going on and didn't wnat to deal with this today and that I shouldn't feel bad about my feelings, just don't tell me about them
Man says he doesn't want a relationship but doesn't want to lose what we have?
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