How do you feel about argumentative women?

Women who almost always have opinions on everything, and are willing to argue them, including opinions on controversial topics.

I'm very argumentative and sometimes that drives people away. Some of my friends who love me now even say that they couldn't stand me at first because I have a tendency to make conversations out of the simplest comments and I am always up for an argument. It's true - if someone makes a passing comment that I think sounds ignorant or something, then it's hard for me not to turn it into one of my "well, consider this because if you do then what you said doesn't make sense..." deals. Not always. Sometimes I just laugh and say something like "um I don't think it works that way, but sure." The former tends to annoy people. I guess in my mind I think of it as intelligent analysis of the way we think, what we believe in, making sure that what we say or believe in makes sense, etc. Other people see it as "forcing your opinions down someone else's throat." and I don't ever do that, at least not in my eyes. I do, however, argue to the point where I explain what is logical and what isnt. Some people love that, but I'd say most people don't, especially more conservative types who don't think its appropriate to argue with people about certain things, or most things, in a variety of settings. I'm the opposite. I could argue about any of my beliefs at any time, any place. Obviously, sometimes it is inappropriate, like funerals or something but I'm talking within reason.

I've only been in one relationship before and I'm pretty sure my personality plays a huge part. I've had guys clearly flirting with me, etc. for a while then one day they say something I don't agree with or somehow a topic comes up and they get my blunt opinions and the "well, I don't think what you're saying is rational" and then they just aren't interested anymore. A friend of mine told me "you really have to let people say stupid, ignorant sh*t and ignore it if you want more people to like you, especially guys." I have a hard time accepting that I guess.

I will admit that I can be pretty condescending, depending on whom I'm talking to. However, even when I'm not, some people still can't take it.

Enough of me yappin. What do YOU think? Are you turned off by personalities like this? What do you think about people like this? Be honest.
How do you feel about argumentative women?
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