Why do guys flirt with girls if they have a girlfriend?

I'm talking to this guy and I know he has a girl but he flirts with me and leading me on but he has a girl. Telling me that he finds me very attractive and that I'm always looking nice at work, Why do guys do this?


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  • first, be careful not to generalize. just think about it, some girls can be exactly the same.

    second, even after you have examined that and still think guys are more flirtatious, the reason may lie in the genetic code -- guys are simply more biological inclined to have multiple partners.

    now, I won't go into the whole biology lessons here, but if you've learned about evolutionary biology, males are all about quantity while females all about quality. it is male's duty to inseminate and impregnate as many females as possible therefore propagate his genes throughout the population as much as possible. it is female's duty to find and stick to the most genetically superior male she can and have him impregnate her. females are just biologically more inclined to have one partner at a time because they can bear only one child at time.

    however bear in mind, this isn't to say all men and women are like that. there's also the cultural overlay. humans are animals that are heavily influenced with monogomous culture. so in the end it's all up to the individuals.

    • This is a real good answer. Sad and true.

    • Wow, I've never thought about it that way before...the part about females....

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  • Please don't stereotype me into someone who would do such a thing. I'm speaking honestly, placing me, who is a guy, in the same catagory as him is degrading.

    Some guys are just pigs, they see an attractive girl and they want to flirt with them regardless of their relationship status. Ussually these are the kind of guys you want to avoid, as I doubt they are looking for anything serious. Just leave him be, make sure to not flirt with him back, and find someone else a little more faithful.

  • He may be unhappy in his current relationship. He may be a habitual flirt. May be his girl does not mind since they are just friends or friends with benefits. If you like him, then find out which it is. One way would be to see how he behaves with you in front of his girl. Or, ask him about the girl and see how he reacts.


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  • some guys just like to spread their seeds and get as many girls they can-those particular guys are players. unfortunately, so you just have to get to know a guy before going out with him