Can a guy really be "different" then most other guys?

below is how I am and how my husband says he is, please tell me if you think he can be telling the truth. we have had issues in the past and I technically trust him to a degree but not the way I should. I'm scared to trust him and let go of the past and I don't know how to stop caring about the things I feel are important.

how I am:

i understand its natural to notice if a guy/girl has a good body or bad body and if they are good looking or not but I believe when you fall in love then that's where it should stop. I think its disrespectful and disproving of your love if you check other people out, think about them, fantasize about them etc... I don't like places like hooters, I feel if you are truly in love then places like that shouldn't matter or be of interest to you because another girl shouldn't do anything for you and you shouldn't care if you see it. I don't believe in looking at sites by yourself, if you do so as a couple to heat things up that is one thing but that is it. I think if you got to a strip club and your wife isn't allowed then you are going for the wrong reasons but that it is perfectly fine to go together to have fun

my husband:

he tells me he does notice if a girl is pretty or has a good body but that's as far as it goes, he says he doesn't think about how great of an ass they might have or compare them to me. for example he says when he thinks of kim kardashian he thinks about how her ass is going to sag when she gets old or that how she only likes black guys. he says he doesn't watch movies for the girls and if a girl is getting naked in it he doesn't care or think things, he notices flaws and that's basically it ( besides knowing if she is good looking and has a good body which I said I understand) he says he can't remember the last time he has looked at sites, he gets off to my pictures and that's it. he says he doesn't care about places like hooters, he says if he ever even considered going it would only be because that's where all his friends where going but he wouldn't go because he wouldn't want to be around it. he says he understands how I feel about those places because he would feel the same if I went t a restaurant where the men from chip and dales where serving me. he agrees with strip clubs, he doesn't think its right to go if your not with your significant other,

now, I have been f***ed over in the past and that's why I have trust issues, he doesn't have trust issues, I strongly believe I have seen him look at other girls but that was like a year ago and he says if he ever did it wasn't for the reasons I think, I know he has looked at sites but he says he doesn't anymore, we broke up for two weeks and he did go to a place similar to hooters with his friends but has never tried to go while we are together, can he really be telling the truth, I want to believe but its seems to me its more likely for him to be your basic guy
Can a guy really be "different" then most other guys?
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