What does it mean when a girl constantly pulls on her hair when talking to you?

What does it mean when a girl constantly pulls on her hair when talking to you? Are they nervous, do they like you? What's going through your minds when you do this?


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  • Well it's supposedly an unconscious thing girls do when they're flirting with a guy...I'm not sure how true that is for me but I think I tend to do things like that when I'm a little nervous...and if I'm nervous around a guy it usually means I like him I guess.

    • If you read up on body language supposedly it means she likes you and wihout thinking about it, she is trying to show you her full face and be more attractive. Guys do the grooming bit when they like a girl and puffing out the chest, standing straighter to appear taller, lean towards the girl to appear taller and bigger etc.

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  • She pulls her hair!

    WoW! She's a masochist! xD

    I just stroke my hair or perhaps comb it with my fingers, or twirl it around my finger...

    It means she's unconsciously attracted to you, or someone near you...someone in her eyesight. :)

    But...if she's pulling her hair...perhaps it means she's just a nervous person, or maybe she has some issues... xD

  • There are two cases, it depends on what kind of girl she is

    1. She is one confident chick, she is flirting and intentionally touching her hair so that you can pick up the signals

    2. She doesn't realize she is doing that. She is nervous around you. Maybe you intimidate her in someway. Usually, she is nervous because she likes you.

    Good Luck!


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  • she gots fleas

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