Is my daughter flirting with me ?

Last year I married a wonderful woman with a 14 year old teenage daughter. Is this teen flirting with me? She walks around the house in next to nothing, leaves the bathroom door open, I have walked in on her once, I don't think she saw me, but is she tempting me? Or just being a mindless teen? She does leave her underwear laying around which makes me ask these questions.


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  • I have to say I disagree a bit with both answerers but at the same time I agree.

    first off, girls at 14 (especially nowadays) are looking to tempt men so, sorry lesae, but girls are maturing or at least thinking they are maturing sexually a lot faster than in my day. She might be trying to tempt, if:

    1, you are a very handsome man and she doesn't approve of the relationship you and her mother have so she's looking to create problems.

    2, if she has been having a lot of problems with her mother and wants to get back at her.

    3, she doesn't like you and wants to find a reason to break up her mother and you.

    4, she's curious with her body and wants to know how powerful it might be.

    then again she might not be tempting you at all and like brokenheart said, she's just not used to having a guy around the house and it's a behavior she was used to showing at home before you arrived, which in my opinion is the most likely scenario.

    now, as they said if you are thinking she's tempting you then the thought is quite scary as this means you are looking at her with different eyes, ones you most definitely shouldn't use on her.

    talk to her mom and set the rules, tell her it's unacceptable to go around the house that way and just forget the whole thing and stop thinking about it before bigger problems arise.


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  • You are the adult. She is 14. I think it's in your head. That scares me. Talk to her mom about having a talk with her. This question disturbs me. First off, she is 14. She isn't thinking about tempting anyone and she doesn't think about that at this point. Especially with a step dad. Talk to her mom. There need to be rules set. She might not be use to having a guy around the house and she needs to know that she needs to have some modesty.

  • You seem a little curious and that scares me. You need to sit down and set rules. My step-father had them when I was young and trust me I was not interested! However I also walked around the house with nearly nothing and left my dirty clothes on the toilet and walked out.

    the rules:

    while you are outside of your bedroom you will dress as if company was coming over.

    you will empty out the bathroom and have a dirty hamper in your room where you put your clothes

    whenever someone is going into the bathroom they will knock the door

    whenever someone is going into a bedroom you must knock on the door first

    these helped a lot and I did not understand why he would get so upset when I left my panties on the toilet?! But when I grew up I got it! Be very careful and good luck.

  • You are gross. She's a child. A messy, oblivious child. I agree with the lady that said that I would divorce you because you are iffy. You should not be around children. I don't care how ignorant and misinformed you are, the simple fact that you assumed that a child was tempting you is GROSS. And you posted it online. I think you're actually getting off on this and that you still fantasize about this little girl. YOU ARE GROSS, IMPOTENT, AND PATHETIC.

  • Ok, just the fact that you asked this question is creepy. Is this stuff actually tempting you!? It shouldn't be. I have had two different step dad's and trust me, I would not try to temp them. She's just being a normal teen. She doesn't want to change her whole way of living because there's a new male family member. She figures your much older then her and your married to her mom and trusts that you wouldn't ever think of her in any perverted way. If I knew my step dad was thinking that I was trying to tempt him, I would be so mad and feel very awkward around him. Don't worry about, it's perfectly normal for her to act this way. If it bothers you, just ask her politely if she could shut the door when she's at the washroom or changing and stuff because you find it disrespectful towards you and her.

    • I want to thank everyone that commented... the suggestion of talking with her, her mother and setting down rules has really solved, settled, and resolved things. I'm not used to teen girls and heard stories.. just didn't want to give anyone the wrong idea in here or at home. she just seemed very friendly towards me and it bothered me a little. Wife is giving me a crash course on young ladies. Thanks everyone

  • Ew. I just threw up a little in my mouth. I have 14 year old nieces and the thought that some old man might be having those sort of thoughts for them sicken me. Especially since they also have a step father. What is wrong with our world? By what you say I doubt very much that this girl is "tempting" you. She's a teenager and the way she's acting is normal, especially since she's in her home, she should feel comfortable to do whatever she pleases without having to worry about some pervert.

    I actually would advice your wife to run and get a divorce asap. You seem iffy to me.

    • Divorce is not a good thing. When you promise someone forever, it's a promise. You don't seem to understand the true meaning of commitment.

    • You don't seem to understand the true danger of child molesters LOL. If a much older man is having sexual thoughts about his wife's teenage daughter she would be a fool to stay in that relationship. It's dangerous.

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  • Ok, I have to chime in on this one, as an "old man" with stepdaughters soon, and three daughters of my own. First of all, you shouldn't even have these thoughts in your head! I don't care if the girl walks around naked! You are sexually mature, and she isn't! There is no reason to even wonder about her sexuality. And if you give in to your apparently hidden desires, you will lose everything! And probably go to jail! So if you want to continue your marriage, I suggest you straighten up, immediately! There's no excuse for you!

    And ladies, watch the "old man" pervert comments. All guys our age aren't like that!

  • Hi. Look no she's just being herself. But folks here saying things like they are about a14 year old girl being something that SHOULDN'T arouse an "old man" are dangerous. The fact is that most girls mature before 14, now that's not to say they are morally available, but the body goes through its time honoured tradition and basically BEGS to be "noticed" were chemically primed (men) to seek out "prime"genetic ideals in order to multiply as a species (lusting after older partners is, as a genetic make-up, flawed and non-profitable). So the ONLY question here is one regarding society. I say that because most girls are sexually active at 14 therefore society "blocking" sexual encounters is the way. In other countries girls are m married by this age and normally to an older man. Is it wrong? Morally? Probably but its not wrong from a natural perspective. Labelling and demonising is one way of causing generations of perfectly normal human men as pedophiles is query frankly distressing. Boundaries are something that need putting into place yes, but not at the cost of info pertaining to the REASONS...because we are all chemically set to seek the best genes!