What does it mean when a guy runs his fingers through his hair ... while talking to the girl?

does this mean anything. the other day I was talking to a guy. we are good friends. but for the first time I noticed him... while we were talking. he ran his fingers thru his hairs.

is it something casual... or what does it mean?


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  • It doesn't mean anything... it COULD mean something but only the person doing it and maybe his friends would know...there is no universal meaning to running hand thru ur hair...well I guess it kinds of depends how he runs his hands thru hair but really it has no meaning. Maybe he was just trying to draw ur attention or maybe he thought you ,might pick up on something...whatever the case it worked cause now ur asking question about the meaning of someone...touching their hair >.<'

    all in all I don't think its anything worth worrying or thinking about


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