Why is he mad at me when I caught him in a lie? Why won't he apologize?

My guy friend is mad at me and not talking to me because I caught him in a lie. I told him I needed to stay away from him because it hurt me so much with the lie that he told. He owes me a LOT of money but I'm not even worried about getting that from him.

Why can't he just apologize? He lied to his baby's mom too about something similar. Why do some guys think they can "get one passed us" and why don't they fess up?


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  • Habitual liars dislike being caught, as they have no remorse, and no intention of changing. It would take a life-changing experience of some kind to motivate any heartfelt improvement in this, and apparently your relationship with him is not life-changing in his eyes. I recommend you move forward in your life, without any involvement with him whatsoever. Don't let yourself be blinded by your love. I've been in the same trap myself, so you have my full sympathy. All the best.


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  • Because some guys are stupid prideful assholes

    • Do you think I should wait for an apology or just try to keep away from him?

    • I doubt he'll apologize. it sounds like he's like me....too much pride

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  • He's probably p*ssed at you because he really thought he could get away with it. You exceeded his expectations, and are not another "stupid woman" that he can fool. He made a bad judgement call lying to someone who caught him, and now he's p*ssed about it.

    And apologizing sincerely is something that only mature adults can do. He seems too into himself to be able to do that...

    • Do you think he'll come around and try to make things better or should I just try staying away from him? I think there are at least 3-5 women that he's with.

    • Stay away... There's always the possibility that he would apologize, but I wouldn't wait around for it. You shouldn't have to be the one to push him to make things better if he's the one who made the mistake and won't own up to it. Also, I don't think it's healthy to be around people who are overall negative, and he seems like one of them.

  • I know this was posted over a year ago, but I found it in a search as I had a similar problem.

    This guy acted like he liked me, activiely pursuing me, and I ended up finding out from someone else that he had a girlfriend. He purposedly withheld this info from me. I confronted him about it because I was still receiving his attention, which was escelating, to just stop since he is in a relationship with someone else. Once I told him I know, and have known for some time, about him having a girlfriend, he just dropped his head (an I've been found out look) and now he can't even face me, although he stares at me when he thinks I am not looking. Where I am going with this is that I didn't get an apology, or even so much as a 'I know I should have told you'. So men like this are not worth ones time if they treat people this way. I would just forget him, which you may have already, as if he can't even man up to admit he was wrong, maybe they just don't believe they are wrong.

    How did yours turn out now that a year has passed?

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