How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds and Look Great For the Holiday Season

How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds and Look Great For the Holiday Season

I hear it every year. Well, I hear it among people in my age group, at any rate. ;)

"I swear I'm going to lose these last few pounds and look great for the holidays."

Yes, mostly, it's women who say this but there are times when men feel the need to lose during the Thanksgiving/Christmas rush as well. Obviously, it's just because of all the social engagements with friends and family, many of whom you probably only see once a year. It's only natural to want to look your best, as those people will be leaving with a certain impression in their minds, and you won't get another chance to change that impression for a whole year. Of course, you can always use the colder weather as an excuse to bundle up and hide that extra weight, but you's still hard to hide. It can show in your face, for example, and most people can tell when you're trying to hide the bulge.

So, here are just a few simple tips to lose a few pounds and remain lean and mean through the holiday rush. This way, the next time you see that relative or old friend, you'll pray for warmer weather so you can show off a bit.

How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds and Look Great For the Holiday Season

Use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator

This may seem like a small thing but it can really be effective. Thing is, you might be in places - stores and malls and the like - where escalators and elevators are common. And while you are indeed walking around more, you should consider adding these mini-workouts to the shopping routine. Not only can it encourage more walking (you may have to look for the stairs, for example), but you have the opportunity to jog or even run up those stairs. And flying up stairs carrying some packages only helps burn a few more calories. ;)

Another little tip for shoppers: Don't drive around for twenty minutes trying to find a closer parking space. Take one of the first ones you see at the rear of the lot and walk. A bit more cardio and you'll probably get inside a lot faster than if you crawled around looking for that dream spot near the door.

FIGHT the lethargy and stress

How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds and Look Great For the Holiday Season

Colder weather tends to make people slow down. It's like they become cold-blooded for the first part of the fall, as if their bodies still can't believe summer is over. They just move slower, act slower, and in general become more lethargic and apathetic. It's so much easier to collapse onto the couch after a day's work when you know it's cold and windy outside, and on top of which, you might eat more than normal, too. The body does tend to call for a bit more during colder weather (even when you really don't need it), so it's all too easy to give in. The added stress of the holidays doesn't help much, either.

The key is to remain as active as possible, from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. I'm not saying you shouldn't ever watch TV and curl up in front of a roaring fire. I'm just saying you should be very conscious of the factors working against you; the more aware you are, the more likely you are to combat them. Gyms are heated, you know. :P

Buy the holiday outfit you INTEND to fit into

How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds and Look Great For the Holiday Season

Okay, so you're not quite there yet. You want to weigh a certain amount or you want to be a certain size, and that big holiday party is just six weeks away. Clearly, if you've got to lose fifty pounds or something, this tip won't really work for you (though it can still work in the long run). But it's great for the incentive-driven individuals:

Go buy something you really love but can't quite fit into. It's currently a little too small. Hang this somewhere in your home where you'll see it every day. No, not in your bedroom; you're in and out too quickly and it's not in front of you when you leave or arrive. Put it somewhere really conspicuous so it's always right in your face; this little reminder can go a long way. Besides, if you really love what you bought, you're all the more driven to fit into it, regardless of what other people think.

Balance out the oncoming calorie hordes

How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds and Look Great For the Holiday Season

You just know you're going to overindulge at this party or that family gathering or this friendly get-together. You know holiday foods aren't exactly known for being light and healthy. You know you've got a sweet tooth and the endless flood of candy and chocolate and other desserts never seems to stop until January 2.

Okay, well, knowing all this, you need to balance it out. Simply eat a little less and a little better on a daily basis between now and the end of the year. If you normally have a bagel with cream cheese in the morning, substitute some granola or a piece of fruit. If you typically get take-out (no matter what it is, it's almost never very good for you) two or three times a week, do it only once. You might also want to consider cutting out all desserts in your daily routine, as you know full well you'll get plenty of sweets at those parties and gatherings.

These are just a few simple ways to be the guy or girl who makes everyone jealous around the holidays. You know, as opposed to the one that makes people whisper, "gee, s/he gained a little weight in the past year..." ;)

How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds and Look Great For the Holiday Season
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  • Anonymous

    Good points. But I believe that building muscle mass is better than losing overall weight. A person's size depends on the skeletal frame, and a person's weight includes fat, muscle, bones, sinews, and others. Neither weight nor size are good indicators of fatness. So instead of scrutinizing on getting that ideal body shape, one should focus on increasing muscle mass and physical ability. Those things are more important and useful.

    Buying a desired outfit is not a good idea, because (1) the item may not be on sale and (2) the outfit doesn't fit you. You may think that you will fit into the outfit if you lose the weight, but in the meantime, you have this outfit that does nothing but fills up space in your closet. I think it's best to keep your old clothes and learn how to tailor your old clothes on your slimmer body. That way, it'll be much cheaper than buying new.

    I agree that holiday foods tend to be on the heavy side, but I think they are fine in terms of healthiness. The oven-roasted turkey is just protein and fat. Green beans are the vegetables; just don't overcook them. Mashed potatoes are full of starch. Serve a bowl of tomatoes on the table as fresh fruits, and voila, you have a complete meal with fruits, vegetables, starchy potatoes as the high-calorie staple food, and meat.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • AlphaMale1

    Back in 2007 I lost 103 pounds and have been able to keep almost all of it off to this day. Here is how:

    Absolutely no fast foods. This means none. This is what made me obese! I do not miss any it :)

    Carbs will layer on fat faster than calories or fat content. All three need to be watched. Carbs are most likely how you layered fat to your body. Fewer carbs is how you peel that stubborn fat off your body.

    You can burn the fat off your body by doing an aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day, every other day. I did it by briskly walking every other day. The time goes by fast and it does become addicting :)

    You went the extra mile by allowing poor eating and exercise habits into your life.

    Go the extra mile and bring healthy eating and exercising habits back into your life. The fat will disappear. It really is your choice and your choice alone.

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    • Fathoms77

      All humans should eliminate fast food. It isn't food. :P

    • AlphaMale1

      About once a year, just as a reminder, I will by a Quarter Pounder or a Whopper. My body revolts at just one bite and I puke it up.

      It is called Junk Food for a very good reason.

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  • miamigirl1970

    Thank you for this. I have lost 50 lbs since March, and have struggled for the last 10 by December 1st. I just keep watching those calories and walking... I just keep plugging along! No donuts, and try to keep my eyes shut during the holiday goodie trays!

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    • That's really great! How did you lose the weight? Great job! :)

    • @LoveHolyGod Kept my daily calories under 1200 eating protein not carbs, and walking 5 miles a day, and swimming and the gym twice a week! Good Luck

    • Fathoms77

      'sigh' Donuts. Thankfully, there's nothing nearby that tempts me because I love donuts (and whatever that chemical trash is that Dunkin Donuts put out doesn't qualify as "food").

      I lost about 55 lbs. myself last year and this involved simply less eating and a lot of training. Been the same weight now for most of 2017 and with a body fat percentage of less than 8%, a resting pulse rate in the low 50s, and 33-size jeans just a bit too big (36 used to be tight on me), I'm probably in better shape than I was when I played tennis in high school. ;)

      You just keep it up; you've proven you can do it already and once you do that, it's so much easier to maintain.

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  • SirenDep

    I lost 25 pounds the last 2 years. Recently I put on 7 pounds but most of it is muscles. I kept exercising but are more than usual. Sometimes it's ok to put on weight if it means you gained muscle! However, i still want to loose another 22 lbs and gain some more muscles! I'm back on track now! I see holidays as having more time to exercise and cold weather is excellent to run outside!

    • SirenDep

      *ate not are

    • SirenDep

      Also I always buy clothes for the body I have, as a reward for the progress I already made, because it took work to get that Being well dressed makes want to take care of myself.

  • YourFutureEx

    I want to gain instead lol. I take my first meal of the day at 3:00 PM :/

  • John_Doesnt

    Good advice. Could you do a take on how to get fat to be Santa?

    • SirenDep

      Easy. Tie a small pillow over your belly, wear a big sweater and put on a santa suit over them

  • legalboxers

    whats the sense of loosing the weight when we will gain them back starting Thanksgiving. Cakes, cookies, Christmas Parties...

  • Library

    Thanks, I missed you and your advice :)

  • Adigelunar


  • MissSakura

    good advice

  • bcromartie

    Thanks bro.