Freelee the Banana girl: The Dangers of Promoting a High Calorie, All Sugar Diet


Since I am definitely not a dietitian nor a food expert of any kind, I will let the experts speak instead of me and simply summarize their findings to assess the Freelee's nutty (no nuts, though) diet.

By this dietitian's findings, Freelee drinks (yup, drinks, because she barely ever eats anything) around 3500 calories a day and her diet is completely unbalanced.

Who, in their right mind and with any kind of a job that isn't exclusively a physical one, could eat this many calories and actually not gain weight? Especially women...

Another point the dietitian makes is that all those calories are just in sugar. No healthy fats, protein...

Just because you're a vegan doesn't mean you can only eat fruits. That's a frutarian, honey, not a vegan...

Whenever there is such a restrictive diet involved with a person - it means they, themselves, probably have A LOT of problems with food, with binge eating or calorie counting. To me it seems Freelee has a problem with portion control.

It looks like all she ever does is workout just so she could drink those calories in sugar, which is literally insane!

If she didn't have a Youtube channel she couldn't earn any money nor sustain her lifestyle.

Could you imagine this lifestyle being sustainable for an average person who has an 8-12 hour long job every day?

Could you imagine an average person sustaining this kind of a diet on their average salary? Just her breakfast is 12 dollars every day. Isn't that insane?

Freelee the Banana girl: The Dangers of Promoting a High Calorie, All Sugar Diet

More to the point of nutrition here: if you only eat sugar, no protein or healthy fats, your body, especially your pancreas will feel those consequences forever. Your pancreas has to work overtime to shoot out that insulin because your body is so saturated in sugars and nothing else.

You need protein and healthy fats to counterbalance the sugar in everything you eat!

This dietitian concludes that Freelee will most likely have health issues relating to her eating habits in the future.

It's something all of us could've predicted and rightly so.

No such restrictive diets work forever. Your body will rebel, and when it does you will know, but it may be too late...

Freelee the Banana girl: The Dangers of Promoting a High Calorie, All Sugar Diet
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  • surferfelix
    I can't wait for this dietitian to address HowToBasics eating habits.
    But on a serious note, its bad for her body and she will probably notice eventually.

    Her portion sizes are enormous, she should try to find some balance in her diet and make sure she gets enough nutrients. Also eating too much fruit, is going to cause her blood sugar to rise triggering the release of insulin. I hope she doesn't fuck up her body forever.

    We should be aiming to eat maybe three portions of fruit a day, this is just insane.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lilaqua
    she's a fucking idiot but we've known this for a long time. If you're interested in some sane, rational vegan youtubers i'd highly recommend Unnatural Vegan. I love her content because it is so informative and straightforward, without coming off as condescending. She's great, even as a non-vegan.
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  • MarkRet
    I think she's just an attention-getter. Wearing gloves in the house kind of explains it all. My wife's grandfather was a farmer (a thin one, by the way), lived to be 90, and used to say, " Enjoy life, and eat a little bit of EVERYTHING."
  • Waffles731
  • NearlyNapping
    That's such a horrible diet. It looks like an energy roller coaster - up and down, up and down.

    Some people are saying that she's trim, therefore it's OK. Huh? She's seriously lacking in nutrition. She can't keep that up for years. She's going to have health problems.

    Not only is that a sugar diet, it's simple sugars. No mid or long term carbs or starches to even things out. She needs to be nicer to her pancreas.

    No protein. No fat. Very little B complex. She is seriously malnutritioned. The only veggie she ate was some lettuce in the evening. Lettuce? Seriously? At least change it to something like spinach.

    There have always been people promoting weird diets. She is just one of thousands of people into weird diets like that. I remember I had some friends who were really into the Dick Gregory diet, with regular fasting and a lot of other weird stuff. They had long term health problems because of it.

    That freelee diet would probably feel really good very short term. It would be very cleansing. But it's seriously lacking in nutrition to do it long term, or even medium term. She's doing harm to herself. Even worse, there are probably people copying her diet, so she's doing harm to other people.
  • coralee
    Freelee is a moron. I have no problem with vegans or people claiming that you can be healthy without eating meat. I do have a problem with people making b. s claims that humans are not supposed to eat meat. Humans have been eating meat since at least Australopithecus and likely before that considering chimpanzees do in fact eat some meat. She made a video bragging about how her diet caused her to loose her period. Loosing your period is your body's way of telling you something is wrong.
  • Annie_Mosity
    I bet her bowels are utterly disgusting, and those poor teeth won't last forever on a diet of sugar. Fruit eats away at the natural enamel. It's also a natural laxative. I bet she has to poop about ten times a day...

    Just goes to show that some people value their looks over their health. Being slim isn't the be all and end all of beauty.
    • You are incorrect. Fruit only harms your teeth if the fruit isn't ripe. If the fruit is ripe then you can eat as much as you want and have no problems. If what you say is true then freelee would have bad teeth by now, but she doesn't.

    • @Stephen5577 I disagree. Excessive fruit consumption can damage your teeth, juices especially. I'm not saying it's definite but I'd say if she carries on it's highly likely she'll do some damage.

    • Only unripe fruit can damage your teeth. There are fruitarians who have been eating large amounts of fruit every day for over 10 years and they have some of the best teeth I've seen. It's only when you eat unripe fruit that's a problem. I judge by results and people's real life experiences, not by people's opinion.

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  • brocklee
    I don't care what they observed. It is basic science. If she is consuming 3500 calories a day, she is burning at least 3500 a day doing whatever it is she does.
  • Sebdcjones
    I think it's good. She shows that you can eat just fruit and be slim, active etc. Probably few people will follow her lead and eat solely like this. But it's nice to break away from some of the traditional dietary advice stereotypes as they don't work for a lot of people and they may not be entirely accurate anyway.
  • Jamjam2
    Most dieticians agree having a balanced diet is the best way to eat healthy. Mix it up with fruits, veggies, nuts, bread, meat and dairy. Why exclusively choose from one or two meal groups all the time?
    • Greatcat

      fuck most dieticians. Meat is provably unnecessary in any diet, so is dairy.

  • LegateLanius
    That diet of hers can't be that healthy either. If it happens to tax her pancreas so much, it might cause type two diabetes
  • lumos
    I honestly think that Freelee is really unstable. She gets into drama constantly it seems like and has no clue what she's even doing to her own body.
    • lumos

      She also looks seriously unhealthy and kinda malnourished. She's tiny and kinda bony. Her arms have like 0 fat AND muscle. How she can even move around without passing out considering the diet she's on is crazy, but I guess the sugar is all that's keeping her awake.

  • Imafreespirit
    Ugh I’ve seen freelee on YouTube and I can’t stand her. She loves to judge people a lot. She makes full videos about other people.. like?
  • Omega_brie
    Aside from possible protein deficiency, her diet is healthy.

    You don't need fat in your diet. And a high sugar (sucrose/fructose) diet makes you slim down very fast.

    The only problem is if she's a fruitarian, she's not getting enough protein.
  • Afrochick
    I used to subscribe to her in my vegan days cuz some of her content was interesting. She has no credentials, and other you-tubers gained loads of weight going by her "advice"

  • BeeNee
    There are so many so called diet guru's who put this information out there and thanks to the web, you have a lot of naive people eating it up and thinking it science or an easy fix. If this stuff actually worked, this is how our ancestors would have eaten and survived, but it's clearly not. No restrictive diet to this degree works in the long term. Our bodies need nutrients from several food groups and not only that, on the mental side, we struggle with such restrictions mainly because of the former.
  • Stephen5577
    I judge by result and many people have improved their health by following freelee. I would rather listen to her than those quacks in the medical profession who prescribe toxic drugs.
  • es20490446e
  • bubble_tea
    Ugh, my sister used to follow her diet 'advice'. And yes, it's not sustainable. She doesn't eat like that anymore.
  • didigo182
    Not the most acceptable. But there are several types of diet from protein diet to Vodka diet. Until the "water diet" WTF? And Banana Diet.

    What matters at the end of the day is the ratio of consumed and spent calories. Most important is the result "the ends justify the means" when someone gets shredded with steroids no one speaks anything just admires.

    P. S - I was obese when i was a kid and a teenager (7-17yo) i've lost 35kg (77lbs) and never gained weight again - thank god! Be fat it's one of the worst social and physical things to be.
  • CubsterShura
    Vegan diet is good but only sugar? Dafuq...
  • ILikeTSOChicken
    wouldn't that lead to diabetes? Too much sugar.
    • No, diabetes is caused by too much fat, not sugar.

    • @Stephen5577 who told you that Stephen? The same doctors you say know nothing?

      You believe them when you want to eh? XD

    • @Annie_Mosity It's a scientific fact, but believe whatever you want.

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