Things I Noticed About my Fat Loss Challenge

Things I Noticed About my Fat Loss Challenge

Greetings. This is a summary of changes that I noticed happened to me over the months. First it's important to note that I'm not fat nor big boned, the gravity just changed from 9.81 m/s2 to 12 m/s2 that's why I got heavy. Just kidding, it's fats.

Background. On 28th February 2018, when my parents was about to leave the country and they brought down the weighing scale to weigh all the luggage ... On that night I stepped on and measured 90kg! (Although not exactly my true weight because I was wearing a jacket and carrying my bag and it's at night which means I was at my heaviest for the day). Seeing that number, then I decided to take a personal challenge because I'm nearly finished college and not much to do for the following months.

Starting on 1st of March. The challenge was to lose 10 kg, I reached that in 58 days and I decided to go further. The next challenge is to go down to 70 kg which I haven't reached yet although I'm very close it already. Now I decided to make this a lifestyle from now on because it was my plan to live for 100 years or more anyway.

1st Notice - Stamina

My stamina got better and better. One of the primary benefits I wish to obtain from my fat loss was to better my stamina. Particularly be able to jog and run for a long period. This was because in case a zombie apocalypse happens I get higher chance to live, according to the movie Zombie land

"The first to go are the fatties."


And also because I particularly love running, it represents being free, to move your legs and traverse.

(along with riding a bicycle and being able to fly is a feeling of freedom)

I did this by jogging and running on mechanical inclined treadmill for 30 minutes everyday to get my legs used to moving. Downside is that, running on treadmill doesn't really simulate real running. Environmental factors such as wind and rugged surface makes it harder in real life.. So I decided to run in a oval track doing sprints and jogging.

2nd notice - It's not hard to lose weight

It's not hard to lose weight at all, what's harder is losing fat.. Weight can be anything on your body and that includes plenty of variables. Such as food and water. In my experience, food + water is pretty significant in terms of mass. I recorded that after taking a big shit and peeing, I lost up to 1.5 kg of mass. Pretty significant number.

Anyway when it comes to fats. I found that it's not that hard to lose overall but it's a challenge. Of course people are different so some find it a lot harder some easier. There are also external factors that contributes to being fat like abundance of ready to eat unhealthy meals thrown at the society (delis, fast food, added sugar on everything etc), lack of availability of healthier foods in certain areas, lack of services (gyms (expensive), parks, etc).

I thought losing fat was difficult where I have to spend many hours exercising. Not really the case, I feel like people are complicating fat loss. The primary thing should be calorie deficit. Laws of thermodynamics is true to everywhere including us biological beings, energy in and energy out. I always kept that in mind because knowing the basics is really just the key.. I started my fat loss by just eating less but not change my diet all of the sudden so I don't shock myself with sudden change which goes to another thing I noticed.

3rd Notice - Food

Vegetables are delicious. Meat are even more delicious accompanied with vegetables.. Healthy food are not bland and crap. To me most food are delicious and mostly just depends on how you cook it and knowing your taste buds. Overcook/undercook= crap. Most healthy meals are simple and not complicated to make at all. As an example I find poached egg rightly cooked and with some onions and sprinkle of pepper for flavour to be delicious. Eating fried chicken or Pizza once in a while is okay. Just build your diet around healthy eating and not build your diet on unhealthy eating with occasional healthy food.

However prior to starting my challenge. I rarely eat fast food anyways (too expensive) or eat sweets and candies (too sweet). I drank plenty of soft drinks though but cutting that wasn't hard.

My diet wasn't that bad before going on the challenge. I just ate too much and lived a sedentary lifestyle since leaving secondary school..

4th Notice - Intermittent Fasting works

Yeah in my experience it just works, it speeds up fat loss when I i did it.. and it's easier to do when you drink a lot of water.

5th Notice - Your body wants to work with you

Generally speaking. What I notice is your body is not your enemy, your body wants to work with you. If you put in the effort, your body will change for the better. If you treat your body poorly, it's your body itself that will tell you it's a problem in forms of body aches, developing diseases, feeling crap etc etc letting you know you treat me shit motherfucker.

I say this because It's my 6th month of my challenge. 2 months of gym. In just two months I started to gain a bit of muscle mass and strength. My aims are too lose fat and be able to finally do pull ups and chin ups which I finally can do.

6th Notice - My neck got longer

7th Notice - Penis got a bit longer

Since because the fat around the mons pubis shrunk, the penis got longer. Didn't actually got longer but it just shows more of it, appearing longer.

8th Notice - Face changes!

Just as changes to neck and penis. Your face will change too. Fat cheeks will go away. Adam's apple will become more visible and prominent. When you smile the lines thing appears. Collar bone is more visible.

In conclusion, the experience is a positive experience. If you're thinking of losing fat or in the process of it I hope this motivated you to see the positive effects for yourself.

I'm far from finishing my self challenge but with the rate I'm losing fat and my regimen workout similar to that of a football player (running, sprinting, core abs work out, building back muscles with lat pull downs and pull ups etc) I'm hoping my physique would be similar to those of footballers in 7 to 12 more months.

Things I Noticed About my Fat Loss Challenge

Thanks for reading things I noticed about this challenge where I posted it here because my family and pals don't give a shit about my fat loss challenge lulz

Things I Noticed About my Fat Loss Challenge
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