Things, that mostly only REALLY depressed people will understand and why they are trapped in depression (detailed)


Roses are red, violets are blue. My heart is dead, I don't know what to do.

Clinical depression is not so simple or as the other conventional diseases like for example a cold.

It is much more complex than that.

Catch a cold and the things one would do to get cured ASAP include staying home, warm, drinking herbal tea with honey & lemon, swallow some antibiotics, sleep longer...and in a day or 2 all will be fine again.

Depression is nothing like that. The hardcore depressed people have figured that long ago.

Ironically some have gone as far as seeing for example unfortunate events as laughful or humorous. That's how twisted a mind can get due to long term depression. This turns as one of the few sources of joy they may perceive in desperation. I know I sometimes had it.

So there is being sad - I describe it as the usual and normal cycle of emotions. We all get sad at one point or another. This one may be "lifted" - at least at a 100 times easier rate compared to depression.

Things, that mostly only REALLY depressed people will understand and why they are trapped in depression (detailed)

Then there is being depressed - I describe it as being unable to defeat the sadness. Possibly for quite a long while. It feels not just sad but quite horrible.

Things, that mostly only REALLY depressed people will understand and why they are trapped in depression (detailed)

Then there is being trapped in a major and suicidal depression, that just won't go away. It shrouds the emotions, impairs movements and thinking, makes us lethargic, makes the victim feel physically and psychologically disintegrated. This is the highly destructive level, which goes as far as committing suicide.

Things, that mostly only REALLY depressed people will understand and why they are trapped in depression (detailed)

Here are the keypoints, that mostly only the seriously depressed folks will understand and can relate to.

"Aw come on. Just stop being sad. it's just stupid thoughts. Think of something else!" = another step towards alienation

That is the number one rude thing to tell them. If only they knew...

It's not coaching minds or helping or anything. It's isolating them even further.

These clouds in the minds are staying. Have you ever tried to extinguish a fire by yelling at it?

Whoever said anything like "I'm a psychologist/I have studied psychology [...]" were not able to help

We have seen false hopes so often, that we can identify them early on. These words mean nothing to us. It's like a false rescue alert for us.

For a similar example of how we perceive it I can bring up the fact how the media and news stations back in early 2000s claimed, that violent video games are making gamers violent amok runners, who go out and kill. The reporters on TV blamed video games for the cause of deadly amok runs. It was a somewhat popular belief back then - in my experience at least. It was "big news" in Germany and the work of the USK.

Yeah. This is how the psychologists or former students of psychology sound to us.

Official psychologists in hospitals may have been consulted with also. The outcomes didn't change.

"Do X, Y, Z and the depressions will go away. (It has helped me)"

These common everyday life things like eating healthy, exercising, taking care of yourself, hanging out with friends (if only we had them hahaha), listening to (cheerful) music and so on... The thing is, that we either already do it or we did them but the results are the same.

And just because it has helped someone doesn't mean it will help everyone.

We get it - people are trying to help somehow but they couldn't.

For a similar example of how we perceive it I can describe these words being to us like an internet ad banner, that has these words written on it "OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! THIS IS HOW I MADE $1000 IN A WEEK AND YOU CAN TOO. NO EDUCATION REQUIRED. NO WORKING EXPERIENCE NEEDED."

People don't listen or don't want to understand

We end up expending our valuable and limited energy explaining to people, who won't even bother listening to us when they ask us about our depression.

People also don't like complexity. At least normally. Depression is complex.

Usually this ends up with us not wanting to talk about it just to keep things as they are now before they get any worse.

There is no cure - except for death

Because if there was a cure or vaccine for depression like there is a cure/vaccine for chickenpox, then virtually nobody would be depressed. Just think about it: Are there many people suffering from chickenpox today? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), about 9,000 people are hospitalized for chickenpox and about 90 people die from the disease each year. Meanwhile there are almost 350 million people suffering from depression globally.

For the depressed, the depression seemingly stops only after their life stops. We have realized that.

Everything possible was tried to combat the depression

And there was nothing too different before or afterwards. Except for a few substances to mitigate the severity at least temporarily (more on that a bit later).

There is no escape.

Nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run. The depression follows us everywhere.

It may stay out for a while when we enjoy something, that we have craved like a vacation at the beach for example. But it will wait for our return.

Some describe it as a dark tunnel network labyrinth with no exit.

Depression shaming

It's a thing. We may be insulted for "not wanting to stop being depressed". But then again people get shamed for anything, so it's not that surprising.

In a way some depressed people just become stronger and live with it

Stronger as in dealing daily with depression, avoid social situations that are likely going to trigger the "depressed talk", that will lead to any other keypoint above (it is a vicious cycle! and only we may put a stop somewhere in it.). In our experience dealing with depression alone is the most effective way quite often.

It is like living scarred or kind of impaired. We just learn how to live with it and how to deal with it. We might never get cured of that nasty mental disease.

Substance consumption

I can't call it substance abuse. Whether it be drinking alcohol or swallowing some pills, some have the nerve to say, that this is the reason we are depressed when in reality sometimes it's actually the other way around. Substances are just the stronger reliefs. These may help to a certain extend but that's as far as we can get in today's times.

In other words: If we were not depressed, we wouldn't get drunk or swallow these pills. It's kind of that simple, really. Sometimes it's one of the things, that is holding us together.

These feelings are inevitable

We won't even try to fight it because there is no use or difference for us in doing so. It unsurprisingly to us always finds a way to makes us weary, tired and done. Which leads me to...

...It feels like our fate is sealed

Sometimes it seems like it is our fate and our destiny and we have accepted it for the sake of having at least a bit of peace.

Having no future, perspective or reasons to live at all

This is the toughest of all.

We feel like we don't belong here or have to be alive. We feel, that our only natural value is being fertilizer. This happens when we are broke and have either a low paying job or no job at all. Ironically this problem feeds the depression and in reverse.

We sought ways of getting up in life but none was found. No betterment options are available.

Finally we ask ourselves "Why am i here? Why am i alive? What am i?". The answers collect but the accepted answer is something like "Because 2 people were too horny one time to keep their legs closed" or "No reason. I'm just here and that's it". Not, that a purpose in our lives matters (stoicism).

And this is the prison holding us in a cell together with depression.

Related to the next keypoint...

One of the main cause of depression is not living up to one's own expectations or wishes

Even the fighter types of the depressed don't have the resources (and money!) to get out of depression.

Nothing matters

Some just turn stoic, apathetic, cold and unemphatic due to us having our big problems. Nein, it's not, that we don't have the new iPhone. It's something much more fundamental at this point.

There may be 100 problems (corruption, starvation, inflation, potentially war threats) but none of them matter to specifically us. We are already almost dead ourselves. Which also leads me to...

Is life an illusion?

We are dead inside but we are not dead. But we certainly don't feel alive either. We feel like walking bodies with some bodily functions. We don't have a soul. It may make us feel and act like robots.

We question life and whether we really are alive or just moving bodies.


But how do I know?

Things, that mostly only REALLY depressed people will understand and why they are trapped in depression (detailed)

Take it from me, battling depression for over 12 years long and still on it (at 24 years at the time of writing this).

I believe patients know the diseases in first hand while doctors (who possibly didn't had those diseases themselves) may have tricks for known cures - and in this case depression (or cancer) currently has no known super effective cure for the extremely depressed. Depression is still undergoing active research by the scientists.

I conclude this article now with one related video here:

Thanks for reading!

Things, that mostly only REALLY depressed people will understand and why they are trapped in depression (detailed)
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Most Helpful Girls

  • CubsterShura
    Toxic Positivity, ah, don't you just love it? Oh just be happy, what do you lack in life that you're so sad, OMG stop being so sensitive, stop thinking so hard, it's all in your mind... Boy if I knew how to get out of it 'in my mind' I swear I would have done it ages ago and not only that, I would actually share online how I could really get out of it :") And majority of people claiming to be educated about psychology prolly just scrolled through some bogus article on hulululu. com and that's all.

    I miss the days when I used to smile and laugh so much that people made a lot of negative comments like, I am acting like a dumb or immature person, also where I live it is 'shameless' for a girl to laugh so much 😂😂😂 the shameless me was so much better than now people commenting how I always look so serious and upset.

    Even walking to the class feels like walking through fire now. For a student that got straight A's last year and world's highest score in one subject, it's quite a sharp fall that now I even struggle to pass in any class test, next exam is in May, registration has already began and I still don't have any clue about 80% of the syllabus. I don't even think I'm gonna get a C in any subject. Teachers are already commenting on how much I've worsened as a student. And I can't even tell them anything. People have absolutely no idea how damaging depression can be.

    People coming up with unsolicited advice only worsen everything. Makes me feel like nobody understands me.
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    • Unit1

      Exactly! Finally one of the affected of depression, who understands and relates. Not, that I want you or anybody to be affected by it.

      Perhaps earlier things weren't so bad for us to deal with and that might be why we may have been happier as toddlers? At least to you and me.

      Spot on with the people claiming to be educated about psychology 😂 I have yet to see a good psychologists. So far I've known only one okay psychologist personally but she moved :( She got me to try Trazodone. It has helped me in some way but it was not enough. And that's what she also said, anti-depressants on their own won't lift depression BUT it could help. Just my personal experience.

    • I'm seeing a counselor and she said that it will take her a good amount of time to get me better since she discovered that I have a lot, A LOT going on and she still needs a few more sessions to listen to all of it before she really understands what I really need. For a few months I have to see her every week. Lets see what happens.

    • Unit1

      Good luck! Let me know of your results please. I want to know how she determines what your conditions are. I may reverse-tinker it and see if i can also do it.

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  • RainbowSmile
    Sometimes it’s feeling nothing. Knowing life is slipping by and your not who you thought you’d be when you imagined yourself as a child and feeling so tired. Just wasting away and waiting for death. But also obsessing over the mysteries of life and wondering how anyone can go about their day being productive when we haven’t even figured out how we got here, or where we are going? Sitting and obsessing over these contemplations so much that eventually you just kinda shut it off until your just a blank stare in messy room
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Most Helpful Guys

  • BigJake
    The big lesson here is, don't talk to people who've never experienced what you're going through. They will not understand, and thus the advice they give will be of limited to no value. Try to find people who are experiencing similar things and find some common ground with them. I did this when my mom had cancer, and it was the best thing I ever did. People at work thought it was a joke, and I ended up getting fired from my job because I pushed this one son of a bitch into the wall for making a crack about my mother dying. So it's not worth it to even go there with them. It will cause you more grief than anything.
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    • Unit1

      Good lesson indeed! That's what I wrote as one of the keypoints.
      And I'm sorry to hear that you have experienced inconsiderate assholes cracking jokes like that.

    • BigJake

      It's tough to go through these life-changing episodes with no one to talk to about them who actually understands them. I found that out the hard way.

    • Unit1

      Exactly man!
      Someone had to explain this properly. Now here I am with this job done!

  • NineBreaker
    Good take, but I would like to add that it is important to distinguish clinical depression from depression as a symptom of another health condition, or as a result of grief or trauma.

    For example, depression can be a symptom of hypothyroidism, sleep apnea, or some syndromes.
    Personally, years ago, I was incorrectly diagnosed with depression. None of the treatments worked. Teins out I've had severe obstructive sleep apnea.

    The first day I started CPAP treatment for it, my depression literally disappeared overnight... LITERALLY!
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  • SweedyPie
    I love this article so much. And then I hate that I love it at the same time. Sigh. Been through some shit. And I did come to terms with the fact that it will always be there. I call it the darkness. It's like a shadow or a heavy sleeper that wakes up every now and again. The saving grace for me was really having my children. I have a reason to fight as hard as I would never be able to without having these little darlings as a reason to live. My first son saved my life (unknown to anyone). Finding out i was pregnant made me stop relying on alcohol to help me sleep (a few months prior I started drinking a little to sleep since I had a traumatic event or two or three) and made me motivate myself to stay alive. And now, it's there. But I do my best to ignore it, occasionally let it free when nobody is around or stay up late. It's tough but i know those drugs are a freaking waste... And I don't intend to allow th e money hungry pharmaceutical industry to f*ck me up further so no meds for me. I'm convinced I can handle it... But I have said Ill get an online talk therapist or something soon. I

    It was nice and also not nice to read and see someone who understands. I think even when people don't say those common phrases about how easy it is to be happy, they don't really understand the deep reaching implications of depression. They don't fathom the way it's tentacles just wrap around your body and squeeze you hard enough to alter your breathing but still give just enough room for your body to keep functioning. Sigh. And it's so draining to try to explain. And then so personal to explain all of that too. I don't bother. I rarely open up about it. Even though I might mention to close people or people who confide in me that I have depression and some anxiety (it's gotten better).

    So thank you for this. All I can say is, we just have to keep going. One day at a time.
    • Unit1

      "And then so personal to explain all of that too. I don't bother."

      Same here. It's easier to let friends know, who are actually interested.
      Seriously psychologists should start digging into articles like this one here. It should be their mandatory study material. None of these "uhhh, eat healthy, do sports, bla bla bla". To me psychologist is just a word. A label. A job, that helps the sad but not the depressed (there is a significant difference). Nothing more.

      I had to find out on my own, that nobody is able to help but at least now I obtained the knowledge and can deal with it better than before. Some wounds never heal. It's like having blood on your hands. You may wash it away but you'll always have it in the memories haunting you. You'll only live to learn with it rather than trying to forget about it, which is impossible unless one has amnesia.

  • JudgmentDay
    It's been a while bro.

    "There is no escape."

    Only temporarily from means, forms, or ways of escapism. Only ways to cope exist, but we're all ultimately trapped by what we are, who we are. Our desires and what we desire are also what traps us. We're pretty much running on a fucking hamster wheel endlessly getting nowhere.

    Just like you said "a dark tunnel network labyrinth with no exit", so we're really never getting anywhere. And even if there ever was a light at the end of the tunnel, it's more than likely an incoming car coming at us rapidly and will hit us before we know it. Just like life's problems, just when you thought you get your "hopes" up, GUESS AGAIN! You're completely BACK TO SQUARE ONE ALL OVER AGAIN!

    ""Do X, Y, Z and the depressions will go away. (It has helped me)"

    Pretty much, it's all just means and forms or ways all just available for us to cope with the cold, harsh, indifferent reality that it all is. Remember those 4 things that life is broken down into? Well Addiction is this. Find something to get addicted to in order to help one cope with one's unhappy outlook or unhappiness and miseries one is facing and experiencing in reality, all the way until one's time is up. Endure for as long as possible, that's about all we can do. Postpone the shit out of death as much as you possibly can.

    "There is no cure - except for death"

    The ONLY other option is to NOT bring another person into consciousness and exposed them to harm and suffering which will lead to unhappy depressive feelings, especially when someone like ourselves are aware of how unhappy we can become with this kind of world and reality. Sometimes things will turn out to be fine, but as we both know it's absolutely random, and thus it would be the equivalent of playing Russian Roulette with another person's fate, outcome, reality, future, whatever. WHATEVER CAN GO WRONG WILL GO WRONG. We already experienced it for ourselves, we realize that it's unnecessary for another person to go through the unhappy experiences that we had gone through.

    "Nothing matters"

    That's why I said and asked that question of whether or was it ever even "necessary" at all that you, me or anybody here had been added into this world and brought into existence. It was already fine the way it was before any of us even existed and probably still would have been so. Wouldn't even matter or make that much of a difference after all of us and everything ceases to exist at some point. I mean sure we get some laughs from time here and there but that dread of knowing that our time will inevitably be up is still there in the back of our minds. I even said it that if only the Earth had stayed without a biosphere then NONE OF US would ever have to suffer and be unhappy in any form or way, nor do any of us have to experience pain, tragedy, nor have to DIE some day. But it's all too late for that now, reality is reality.
    • Just like this character puts it: "This A World Where Nothing is Solved"

      And same goes for the whole being "fulfilled", nobody is ever or exactly "fulfilled" nor "happy", all they really can do is just lie to themselves and others over and over again.

    • Oh, and uh. One more thing. Antidepressants may actually do MORE harm than good at least in some cases. Don't know if you ever remember that other video I sent to you a long while back on it. As all drugs and medications, they all come with side effects. It's all artificial chemicals and shit somebody is putting into their body, comes with risks. For some it worked out, good for them, still inconsistent and didn't exactly "FIX" anything at all. Just like using painkillers for pain to merely just suppress those symptoms and block out the sensation of the pain, but the damage and injury or whatever is causing that pain is still presently there, and once that painkiller wears off, it's back to square one, it's going to hurt all over again.

    • Unit1

      That's pretty much it.

  • PeacefulRainDrop
    Thank you for this.. I find no one really cares I have health issues I hide behind a smile fake it till you make it has been my motto... My parents say stop it think about something else.. but im trying to prepare ahead of time.. I have seizures and still have bills and whatnot can't work like others 12 hour days I do 8s wish I could.. My parents say think of the paraplegics try and make me feel guilty for what im feeling.. or a friend asks how you are and you dont lie this time cause it gets exhausted but before you share the whole situation they make an excuse to get off the phone.. honestly im just a burden when I can't work to pay my bills had my own place was happy but thought hey I am going to save for a house instead of this apartment move back with my parents not long my health slipped I feel like im in a hole.. I keep trying to get out.. im almost out someone steps on my hand and my foot slips doesn't matter how hard I try I can't get out of this hole.. after awhile whats the use? You wonder if your giving yourself false hope or being positive.. whats the use?
    • Unit1

      People, who never had depression think depression is as real as Santa Claus. Simply Don't tell them. It's none of their business and they make things only worse.

      If they sick shame you, simply cut them off and don't talk to them.

  • Volb3at
    Depression isn’t an illness.. it’s a war; everyone who suffers is a soldier, battling day and night in a war most people don’t even want to acknowledge. It’s a pain unlike any other, and unless you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll never understand.

    Keep fighting, everyone.. no matter how worthless you feel, no matter how dark it gets.. there will always be a light. We just need to keep searching.
    • Unit1

      This is also pretty accurate!

  • ikauragi
    I don't want to seem like I'm complaining or bitching, so sorry if I come across that way.
    I've been living with it for years now always dropping down further day by day by day & no one noticed because I got good at hiding it when I wasn't on my own quite quickly & hid it for years I wanted to just lay there, do nothing, die by myself on my own terms but I got the dumb idea to hope & forced myself to go college for a year before going back to my decision.. There I found people just like me & I guess we've "pulled" eachother up a bit only one of the two was as far as I am but they have there reasons to stay & before meeting Reuther of them I cared for nothing, no one, hated myself, my family & everything I did & still do thinking it's a waste of energy that I'm a worthless waste of space.
    But I I wouldn't say changed my decision I still want to die but just not right now at least when I'm around them because of them I don't want to be a reason to make them down just because I decided to be selfish & end my suffering.
    Now I think I've grown I don't know what but I actually care about them, still not myself or anyone else but only them.
    When I'm not with them I'm hurting almost emotionless with the acception of despising myself.
    Again apologies if I'm being weird, bitchy or whatever. Just my take. Sorry.
  • Braveheart4321
    I can't speak for other people's experiences, but in my own a lot of what you mentioned helped to manage my depression. Regular physical activity, speaking with a professional, and making good friends that I can share anything with were all vital to me digging my way out of my deepest points of depression. I dealt with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis at my lowest, I spent a year literally praying for God to kill me so I could be don't with this world. But I lived and found help. I saw myself as without value, so I was willing to take on hardships to make others experience less, I found that by easing the burdens of others I was doing something worthwhile. The number one thing that kept me from killing myself was the guilt over moving my internal pain onto my family, I may have hated them at times, but what right did I have to offload so much pain onto them. I know my experiences aren't the same as anyone else's, but I don't think anyone who struggles with depression has the same experience, and I'd love to help anyone who recognized their own experiences in mine. Depression never goes away, but with help and support it can get easier.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    The problem is that it's so subjective that on one can 100% understand even the physical pain I have can't be expressed but it doesn't mean there are no people or something that can make you feel better. Everyone has their own pain but I think all we have to do is get use to it until it feels like nothing because it's easy to pretend to understand their advice not to frustrate them.
    • Still sad that we get blamed for our depression or when we speak up for being offended and they think it is our choice to be. How is it my fault I'm born with natural human emotion?

    • Unit1

      I certainly agree with that!

      Well... I had a girlfriend... or so i thought. She was able to distract me from depression so much, that I have forgotten about it as long as we were together.

      Then she ghosted on me and I figured, that we parted.

      So in a way for me, a girlfriend didn't cure my depression. But it sure was a potential distraction from it. I'm not going to tell you or anyone "uuuu get a girlfriend!" because I know how difficult it is to get one.

  • BethanyK86
    I would call it remission rather than a cure. As many people will have the symptoms return later in life.
    • Unit1

      Well, that is one way to put it. I had a girlfriend... or so i thought. She was able to distract me from depression so much, that I have forgotten about it as long as we were together.

      Then she ghosted on me and I figured, that we parted.

      So in a way for me, a girlfriend didn't cure my depression. But it sure was a potential distraction from it. But geting a girlfriend is difficult to get - especially since I'm a migrant from Europe in the East. I'm an alien here (documented of course).

  • CharmingKevin
    Clear one's mind, deliberately focus on something neutral and non personal, try doing this to the exclusion of everything else (takes lots of practice and patience and time but it is worth the effort) and withdraw internally into a state of calm. Also refrain from deliberately thinking of whatever depressing things that are plaguing one at present. Let it all go until one becomes tranquil. One will fell much better and relaxed after that. Hope this helps.
  • Juxtapose
    Unpopular opinion: you are 100% responsible for yourself. Control your emotions or they will control you.

    Wallowing in your victimhood is not going to get you anywhere. Toughen up, plenty of people have persevered thorough unspeakable horrors that you can't even imagine, while you are complaining about a first world problem.
    • He isn't Wallowing in his victim-hood, and he isn’t complaining ether. He is trying to help those who don't understand how it feels to be depressed. That it isn't something one can shake off nor is it necessarily a short lived problem, it can be a life time struggle. Sometimes it hurts physically as well as emotionally to make the choice to continue for another day. The Fact that he is still alive and willing to open himself up to complete strangers (some who are imbecilic asses that can’t comprehend what they read if they bothered to read it all) shows how truly tough he is.

      "Unpopular opinion: you are 100% responsible for yourself. Control your emotions or they will control you." He is accepting 100% responsible for himself. Controlling your emotions doesn’t mean they magical disappear it means you continue in spite of them.

    • Juxtapose

      @BethanyK86 Fair enough, but I can't help but get the feeling that he needs to mentally break through his depression. When I was depressed, empathy didn't help. I needed to be taught that nobody would save me, that I have to fight for my life and *TRULY* want to live as I see fit.

      He needs to not just survive in despair, that's not living! He needs inner strength, maybe even hatred, to get through his mental barriers and take control of himself.

    • "Oh you have cancer? Tough luck, toughen up and control your health and you'll be fine!"

      Fuck off, you can't just "toughen up" and "control your emotions" with depression, it's a fucking ilness, not a short feeling of sadness.

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  • lightbulb27
    To what do you attribute your depression? What early life experiences did you have? Children are not born depressed. Either there is a chemical malfunction or something happened that caught the person in an emotional state they can't seem to rise out of.

    I've been depressed and had those thoughts of just end it, but was short term. Depression to me is our bodies/minds way of saying "something is wrong". Trouble is, some broken record is stored in our sub conscious and if it t isn't rooted out, it controls. That's my guess as to what is going on.

    ever try hypnosis?
    • Unit1

      Well many things...
      My parents don't respect my goals
      I've lived poor since birth. I am financially stable at least. I don't starve but I can't get the things I want.
      I'm a German and my parents moved to the east against my will when I was 15 years old. I had 0 knowledge of that location. I'm still trapped here and have every desire to either come back or to relocate back to the 1. st world countries such as America.
      I feel oppressed in my country of residence. But I can't change that because like I said I'm broke. I'm actively working daily to change that.

      Wish I could try some drugs. I'd be open for that. Anything to make it easier on me.
      I am currently taking Trazodone. It helps me but it's not going to cure my depression.

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing. So often, we don't know the reality of people out here, like yourself. That context helps a lot. I think I can add some value to you, lift you up. Check out mytake on oxytocin. best drug if you can find good way to get it!

      The Power of Oxytocin ↗

      I think best drugs are in your body, just need the keys to unlock them. that is one. the other is meditation. may not change external reality but internal one. reframe internal, and external I think starts to improve as options open up. that is my hope. keep in touch!

    • Unit1

      i will check it out! Thanks!

  • collegegirl5
    I was severely depressed for 9 years, I remember having my first suicidal thought at the age of 12. I was on antidepressants for the last 2 years. And I went off of antidepressants in May, and I haven’t felt depressed since being off. I believe the antidepressants balanced out my brain even though at the time of being on the medication I felt like it was making me worse
    • Were you capable of experiencing emotion during your depression? And if you got out of it, did you regain that ability (if it was lost)?
      I mean really feel, you know, with your whole body

  • TonyBologna25
    I think there are a lot of people who would actually really benefit from being more social, eating correctly, and working out. Having said that, I understand that there are individuals who can still do all that, and feel no positive outcome from it as there is a chemical imbalance in their brain which can only really be treated through medication. Hope you feel better man.
  • Jjpayne
    This is good stuff! My dad is currently going through some of that depression, do you have any advice for me to be able to help him?
    • Unit1

      If I knew, I would have shared that with everyone here._.

      I'm taking Trazodone however. You guys might want to check that out. Health costs money, so I would not recommend to spare cash at the cost of health.

    • Jjpayne

      It is such a struggle with my dad because money is all he thinks about, at paying 190 dollars a bottle for something for depression he would not pay it

    • Unit1

      Yeah, well... I'm a victim of heavy depression myself. So there's not much that I can do.

      Perhaps there is just no cure for it like for certain types of diseases. We managed to cure most known diseases but some diseases may not be curable at all.

  • Lance1965
    Depressed people see things in life that regular happy folk will never see or understand. This makes the life of a depressed person a very lonely experience.
    • Unit1

      Very precise!!! Thank you for saying this.

  • foodtv
    I'd say you just about nailed it.
    It seems like when you're in that good spot, the rollercoaster of life is going to keep going up but then takes the drastic drop.
  • Aeriable
    Finally someone who understands why people like me don't want help and all the circumstances of all this!

    It just makes me even more depressed realising that people who have no idea what they're really talking about when they mean to tell you to get help have the intention of helping (sometimes they don't), but it only infuriates me even more when people tell me lies like:
    "Oh I know how it feels, I'm so sorry." - YOU DON'T!
  • psychosam
    A lot of this is why I've never told a single person about it. Just gonna continue keeping it to myself
    • Unit1

      Good fella! You and I are doing the same.

  • foodog
    The best thing you can do is accept it, live with it, watch it from another prospective. The problem nowday is that we are constantly told that we have to be happy, happiness, joy, smile, and we forgot that we can enjoy melancholy, we can enjoy one of those sad rainy days. We just have to find a different prospective.
  • Ciscoin
    Alright, fine. I'll bite.
    I suffer from clinically diagnosed depression as a rezult of my anxiety from my other 'brain problems' that I don't care to elaborate on. I don't want to discredit anyone else's experiences or suffering because we've all gone throuh different things. However, I'm sure someone out here needs this right now: Get off your ass and do something daily. Idle minds are a factory for poor physical and mental health. You'll feel like shit for about 2 weeks, but push through. The payout will be worth it. It almost certainly won't take your depression away, but it will make the days ahead easier.
    • MnhJOAT

      I agree with you. I've found that when I am able to stay busy, not overworked but busy with things other then the everyday chores, I do better at keeping. depression and anxiety under control. I try to do things I love or make me feel good like art or volunteering locally.

  • CoffeeWC
    I can totally relate. I'd like to add that just because I'm depressed, doesn't make me suicidal or have suicidal thoughts. I hate it when people assume that I'm suicidal just because I have depression.
  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    You were spot on. Depression is a monster no one deserves to be overcome by.
  • ffld_01
    I'm going through this now and don't want to I just want to go back when I was happy in life but now I just don't care about anything anymore.
    • Feeling hopeless is so hard!
      I understand what missing your regular life feels like.
      You're an amazing person, even if you don't feel like it. 😉
      I always say... seek treatment and a friend who will support you. The right treatment plan for you is unique, just like you 😊

    • Volb3at

      I’m so sorry... you don’t deserve this at all. If you ever need to talk about it, I’m always around.

  • Grotty
    I am depressed because I am ugly and lonely also I am depressed because I am not well educated or intelligent. Also I hate living alone and being either invisible to the oppesite sex or the subject of being ridiculed for my ugliness.
  • pooly
    Had this for yesrs, destroyed my life, then wife left me for me for same guy she had affair with and BOOM, everything got better, turns out she was the cause. Everyday she leaves, is a better days brighter day for me.
  • SpectrumX
    I want to add that the weariness of the soul is another thing. just the feeling of being so done with life.
  • Marti434
    This is so very true! thanks for sharing - coming from someone who has had depression
    • Unit1

      You are most welcome 🤗🤗🤗

  • Pejtu
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I see blood on my hands
    the same as you do
    Changing the "mask" every
    I dont know what else can i say
    Walking down the street
    thinking "its all the same"
    But its just "another" day

    I mean reading this made me depressed so I should’ve avoided it 😵
  • Rangers
    The worst thing someone with a mental illness can do is try to get "treatment" it's a trap. Only people in the real world can help you, mental health workers are the most apathetic, sadistic psychopaths in the entire universe.
  • thechesseman
    This isn't just depression. This is suicidal self hate. I've been hard core depressed for many years but suicidal thoughts are never there because I know I can solve my problems. Find joy in something. I found joy in my laboratory, until democrats stole it from me because I wouldn't be part of the hate crimes they committed against the black neighborhoods. I just wanted to come into work and help people. I wouldn't purposefully mess up the black neighborhoods so they could get more federal funding to steal for political campaigns. Now I'm ganna burn down Nancy Pelosi's house over it.(metaphorically) At no point have I hated myself or felt trapped. I control my own destiny and always have.
  • ShadowofRegret
    As I myself suffer from depression, I can
    certainly relate.
  • Kaneki05
    Always find it dumb when some one calls it a disease.
    Cause it is a mental disoder completely different.

    Also kinda find that dumb cause how the hell can me coming to the conclusion that life don't matter since we all die at some point be a mental health issue.
    That is like saying 1+1=2 is mental health issue.

    Depression for no reason or bipolar sure that's denfinatly a mental disorder but been sad for a clear reason cannot be a disorder nor disease.

    That's why i say my suicidal depression i have is not a mental health problem at all.
    It's just logic and the coming to terms with the truth.

    Kinda went off on a rant on one thing here but meh this is what i think.
    Also kinda explains why smart people become more prone to be depressed cause they realise the truth and just have to learn to deal with it or die.

    So yea just saying maybe another thought to put in your take.

    • Nihilism and depression are most likely corolated, I don't have any studies on it, but I'd love to see some.

  • Blueymusic
    This article you made was so true, it made me cry. I believe the whole thing.
  • AngelCakeCutie
    What people with depression need is EMPATHY, not ADVICE
    • I have to say one more thing... Please Stop Judging People With Depression! It's not pretend, it's real. Until you experience it for yourself, you will never understand.

  • Gedaria
    When life hits you like this you need professional help. Trying to do it on your own will not work. I had a daughter to a girl I met on holiday, didn't meet up again for about 15years. Sadly both died in a fire, I have never felt grief like that , the anger the guilt , the nightmares all I wanted to end it all. My family, and friends said you will get over it. All I did was get drunk and just tried to end it. A girl I told about it said you need help see your GP he will point you in the right direction. So I did he put me on some tablet to help with the deppression. And set up some concelling, I thought how can talk about it do any good. But to my surprise if does help, it doesn't take the pain away it helps you to control it so you can move on. I'm still on tablet but my life is a lot better !!!
  • virginme
    Drink and watch some really funny movies. Make more friends. 🍻
    • ... because drinking solves everything 🤨

    • virginme

      Yes it does ease the tension in most of the people, otherwise they would turn psycho.

  • es20490446e
    Depression is lack of action, even if that action is small.
  • amarahorrorstory
    "there is no cure" is false
    • So what's the cure? Please share with everyone.

    • Unit1

      @BethanyK86 Don't expect a valid answer. Certain people are proving my points. Let them. It's scientific evidence.

    • There is no “one size fits all” cure but many people have learned to MANAGE their depression, it’s chronic, but I can tell you one think walking around and saying “what’s the point, there is not cure” definitely isn’t it. Therapy, medication, whether pharmaceutical or holistic. People’s depression is brought on by different things, such as toxic situations that can be eliminated. There isn’t always a solution for everyone, I still struggle with depression everyday. But many people have been able to cope and have better mental health. I’m not a psychiatrist, so you can find one yourself. Not everyone will find a solution but many also will. But the attitudes really aren’t necessary lol @BethanyK86 @Unit1

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  • arckioue
    I had this shit for over 4 years
  • Kazzza
    Yeah I agree with this all
  • Violets are violet, not blue...
  • Good take.
  • Browneye57
    TLDR. Why, oh why?
  • DDpsy
    I want some yelow happiness balls. :(
  • Mr_Mystery
    Did you borrow that picture from hentai video.
  • Anonymous
    Depression in men is really fucking difficult, depression in women is laughably easy
  • Anonymous
    Good perspective
  • Anonymous
    I’ve had a long history of mild to moderate depression. I was diagnosed with clinical depression a few years ago. I kept walking up in the middle of the night but couldn’t go back to bed. I’ve also gone through phases were I couldn’t eat anything and would involuntarily lose lots of weight. 99% of the time it got aggravated with relationship issues. Being rejected hurt but being friendzoned and mocked for it made me feel I like I had a personality and appearance that women don’t respect. But I later found that wasn’t true.

    I’ve been on and off SSRis. I’m currently on bupropion. Its supposed to be the safest one with the least side effects. But I’ve noticed a few (have a hard time climaxing sexually).

    With all the said I find the BEST remedy outside of exercise and healthy eating is booze, booze, booze and little nose candy to spark you up.

    Jk jk. Nah I don’t do that. But I found that traveling, exploring and changing the scenery makes a huge difference. Gets my mind of things that remind me of why I’m depressed.

    • Unit1

      For me Trazodone works and keeps me going. But i am afraid, that i will never recover from depression. At least not fully. We'll just be survivors of depression and learn to live with it.

      Also alcohol might make things easier too but at the price of your health and status. Getting drunk comes with the risk of a hangover and being drowsy the following day. Something, that we can never afford on any day before a working day.

  • Anonymous
    Wow I had no idea