The Power of Oxytocin

Connected in Faith, Hope, Love ...Peaceful Easy Feelings
Connected in Faith, Hope, Love ...Peaceful Easy Feelings

Is there value to a person believing in something beyond them that cares about them? I think so. Here's one explanation that fits right into our design!

Early humans...surviving in groups
Early humans...surviving in groups

Human beings are social creatures. We survived through history by working together in groups, tribes, nations. Those who were connected in the tribe, felt included, supported and survived. Those who were cast out (shame, guilt, rule violations) either died or were unable to find mates, thus their genes are lying in the dirt. Maybe some of that dirt made your salad for thought? Anyways...

Oxytocin - Surgeon General Highly Recommends Cause it's Yummy!
Oxytocin - Surgeon General Highly Recommends Cause it's Yummy!

A powerful hormone dwells within us called Oxytocin. Produced by the hypothalamus and released by the posterior Pituitary Gland, Oxytocin fosters feelings of love and social bonding between people, partners and infant. It is a reward, known as the "love" hormone. Oxytocin gives us that feeling of inclusion and has been associated with the healing of heart tissues. It actually has physical healing properties!

Yum! Where can I get my share?
Yum! Where can I get my share?

It's free, you just need to get some excitement in the motor neurons of your hypothalamus and pituitary gland! Yeah! Oh, that is a bit scientific... you need social interaction to release it and some evidence suggests, belief in a higher power also works! Cool!

Connecting, through the Imaginative mind vs Physical Reality
Connecting, through the Imaginative mind vs Physical Reality

Human beings are the one creatures that can imagine something into existence. Because of this power, we can conjure up and tap into some amazing chemicals. An example of this would be the ability to masterbate to an image in your mind, have release, our body feeling the effects as if we were there, to some degree.

What you believe, can make a big difference in your stress and healing response!

So where do we get this chemical? Oxytocin levels increase when hugging and during orgasm. Now were talking!

* Sex - There are many health benefits to sex. You were designed to reproduce a lot of kiddos, have lots of sex and bonding because it takes years to raise those kids. Oxytocin creates that "cuddle" feeling for the mates and the baby.

I know we just met, but I've got the key to your heart baby! Fact!
I know we just met, but I've got the key to your heart baby! Fact!

* Hugs - they are free, make them count! Do you remember the feeling of a good hug? Oh yea! Give and get them where you can. Maybe start a hug club, get them on the street, get creative! Be friendly.

Oh my God, it's been so long! Weeee!
Oh my God, it's been so long! Weeee!

* Spirtuality - there is some evidence of association of oxytocin release in men when they have a spiritual beliefs. Study has not been conducted on women yet.

Belief, extends our hearts to the greater space
Belief, extends our hearts to the greater space

Thing is, Oxytocin is a stress hormone, released when we are under stress! So in effect, you could say, stress has healing effects...if you view the stress the right way! Check this out!

Start at 7:50 for short version:

#Oxytocin is a Stress hormone that:

* Primes you to do things that strengthens close relationships

* Crave physical contact with friends and family

* Fine tunes social instincts

* Enhances Empathy

* Makes one willing to help and support people you care about. Maybe you are getting Oxytocin from GAG...want to run a test and find out:)?

* Protects cardiovascular system from the effects of stress

The biological stress response is encouraging you to tell someone, instead of bottling it up! When you reach out for help or to help someone, you get a hit of Oxytocin! Oh yea!

Are you seeing how isolation, maybe online social isolation is bad for you? Social Media looks to be destructive when it blocks us from physical relationships and poisons us by fostering feelings of jealousy and exclusion, such as, "I don't have this", "I feel more alone when you look at your friend and his GF's amazing vacation". Social Media poison!

More research is needed, but it is clear right now, you need social interaction! If you feel like crap, this would be one of the reasons aren't getting Oxytocin the way you were designed to get it!

Key Points:

* View stress as helpful, you create a sense of courage!

* Connecting with others under stress creates resilience!

* By doing so, you are remembering you don't have to face life's challenges alone!


I've heard from women before that say, "I don't want before married, but sometimes, God is not enough"! How true that may be, we crave for each other, man and woman, we are designed that way. God is in our hearts and minds, but we often need that physical, human animal pleasure.

From a Christian Women on how Oxytocin works and how you can set boundaries in relationships.

Thus, lightbulb27 is hereby and forthwith declaring every day is Oxytocin day, globally!

So let it be written, so let it be done!
So let it be written, so let it be done!


Lastly, one has to wonder about the "health" of our health care system that does not focus on touch. Could it be it is ignored to ensure lots of drugs get administered? When we lay there in bed, where are we getting Oxytocin? We should be getting a lot of love, hugs and sex in the hospital! There, I said it. Have you had sex in the hospital? I think it's time to get ill and try

Now that's a system to put your full support around! Just be careful not to pop any tubes!
Now that's a system to put your full support around! Just be careful not to pop any tubes!

Now that would be a huge improvement...and insurance companies can pay for it if they want, it would cut time visits...a good business case can be made! Imagine that line teim


Now go get your a safe, respectful, good legal way! Change that health care system to a, um, vibrant health care system!


The Power of Oxytocin
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Grond21
    This is fascinating! And that video is really powerful on a mindset can change your health and your outlook on life!
    One thing that she didn't mention, that I loved about oxytocin, is how the stress hormone cortisol, which can do damage to the body, is healed by oxytocin. Super cool!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • wisdom2000
    Great Take

    Thank you for sharing.

    The hospital part is funny.
    Is this still revelant?
    • how do you just hug strangers?

    • I don't like hugs.

    • That's ok, you can try other things. Why not hugs? Don't like confinement? feels too close?

      You make positive contact so they know you aren't a threat and give them something, I've never had a complaint, not that I do it all the time though.

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  • Hannah591
    I'm currently studying the brain and stress response and I didn't know that oxytocin can be released in the process! Thanks. :)
    • Just learned myself, what an amazing design... makes sense though.

    • Tymeflies

      This is partially why performers (dancers/musicians) love what they do even though it is so stressful. So much stress but so rewarding after the performance. Oxytocin (and other chemicals as well) to the max.

  • humanearth
    Very much enjoyed reading that. I knew of a few things, but never realized that there was so many of them. Like I would have thought of sex as a stimute.
    • Thanks so much, enjoyed writing it and making it fun!

  • Pejtu
    Its the same as u get excited and a dose of happiness while u see the notifications or massage on your phone

    thats why most people are addicted to phone screens
    • I believe that is dopamine hits... don't get oxytocin there... I don't think... and that is part of the problem. good point, it is addicting...

    • Pejtu

      true i called it happines i forgot the word :P

  • DarkFunction
    That’s a really good take and I enjoyed the video too, it’s given me inspiration to try out some different ways of thinking as well as activities that’ll help release oxytocin in a positive way, thanks for sharing 😎
  • pizzalovershouse
    yes but it only makes you feel comfortable it is t going to make a person fall in live it just nakes a bit of a hugging momment an caring
  • _乃尺OЩ刀_TITI
    The name of the blonde nurse is Samantha Saint. She's a porno star. Whomever is wondering.
    • ah! thanks, I had no idea. you sure, she looks must bustier in other pics than here... course that stuff can be changed I know.

  • MarketData
    When I try to have sex in the hospital the nurses just glare at me.
  • DizzyDesii
    Very informative take. @Grond21 already summed up a bit some days ago :)
  • oddwaffle
    So this is like the social rabbit that pops out on your sims when their social status reach so low they start crying and go crazy?

    The push to get them interact and play with anything including a rabbit doll. and somehow make them feel happy?
    • You lost me in the analogy. It is a reward systrm held inside ofnus for when we reach out and connect. Failure to do that means we stand alone and that apparently is not how we are survived. A big prob w modern day society

    • oddwaffle

      Yeah there is this thing called the social rabbit in the Sims. Essentially, if you leave your character without any sort of human social connect then he would get depressed. Once he reaches the bottom, a social rabbit would pop out and give him a jolt to his social interaction bar and preventing him from killing himself out of loneliness.

      So your character would talk to the rabbit out of loneliness.

      This is similar to what you described just less funny. Your body is responding to a condition once you reach a certain threshold a drugging yourself. It's like adrenaline when you need to fight or flight by ignoring pain and boost your short term stamina.

      If you are just chilled then you wouldn't need any of this.

    • that's a video game yes? I wasn't aware of it, thought might be a book like "watership down". yes, I wonder if it's possible to "chill" and feel good.. like lone explorers. I wonder if this is how the concept/connection to "God/god" came about in human kind. that is a connection... if it is believed. Belief drives our internal state apparently.

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  • May_Rankin16
    Wow!! This is so great! You are an amazing writer!
  • wowgirl20q
  • John_Doesnt
    What does this have to do with the busty nurse?
  • Swimmerdude2013
    Very good take. :)
  • jaejaeraa
    Is this a pharmaceutical ad?
    • It's the opposite, you don't need that crap. You need what the Dr. designed in!:)

  • Cask23
    Should do a complementary post about dopamine
  • Anoi4
    Interesting MyTake. Thanks for sharing!