Men's Emotional Workout level 301!

This is a jump ahead, level 301 Men's Emotional Workout class so you can see where we need to build up to (for you guys still wounded by those prior fembot and life wounds.). This is designed to help you get back to your better emotional condition!

Disclaimer: Talk to your Dr., Lawyer, Minster, Therapist, Guru, and woman before doing any of these exercises! I'm not responsible for your life nor consequences arising.

Jesus was Awsome! So was Ghandi!
Jesus was Awsome! So was Ghandi!

I have to imagine Jesus, the Christ, and other such amazing people, didn't dress so well. Clothes that aren't clean, baths how often? Sand and grit and toothbrushes? Nope.. and people were drawn to Him! What was it about him that would do that?

The goal is to learn to project positive energy to other people such that they see your emotional energy and are drawn to it! Kinda like bugs to lightbulb, let's say.
Step 1: Meditate and focus on building your energy, self confidence, positiveness. Think about what you are grateful for. Do this for a week, 2x a day.
Step 2: Dress like a slob! Trash clothes with paint on them, not much matches, old shoes. Look somewhat kept, but not your best self.

Painter Image
Painter Image
Not too shabby of a dress image!
Not too shabby of a dress image!

Step 3: Go out and about and strike up positive conversations with people! The goal being to have good positive engagements. Check out clerks, waiters/waitresses, a bar. Don't corner anyone or stalk anyone, good grief! For example, go to an Indian buffet and talk to the waiter/waitress and strike up a good conversation! Have a nice meal and make it all positive...forget about what clothes you are wearing, focus on the energy you project, that it is giving, loving, concern and empathy for others. Oh God...this hurts doesn't it? It's not easy! Outwards focused not internal. If you feel fear or shame, accept the emotion and let it pass, speak truth into it that you have value beyond your clothes, reflect on positive images of yourself (you should have built by now in 101 and 201 which haven't been posted yet!).

If you are still projecting creepy sub-tones, get out of there man! Redo step 1. Your lawyer may be required if you don't.

Record the successes in your memory banks and in writing! If you get rejection, keep your energy up and be positive! That's the hard part. Try to spin it around to a positive and see people come around. If you get someone to turn to you, that is huge extra credit in your soul! You may get approved for level 401 class. And no, you don't just get into the class, you have to be approved by the board for outstanding achievements in human kind!

Maybe you think I'm making this up. I am, but I do this and I've had amazing results. Not saying I get numbers, I haven't asked yet. What matters is inside!

* No human beings should be harmed in these exercises...ever! These exercises are designed to give, not take. If you have mental issues causing you to want to hurt someone else, or control them, or cry in sadness, please get help from a professional. Those broken pieces inside of you can be fixed.

Let me know your results!


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  • Never judge a book by it's cover.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • Being rebellious what would one expect to experience? Emotional evolution is not being a rebel in society and displaying or carrying out the afore mentioned phases. If it began mentally it can stay as that. A mental process.

    Yes you are judged by your cover unless you speak and emanate words of affirmation and give yourself to each one who needs your help.

    people are drawn to a leader figure who speaks their mind. Jesus Christ in the picture representation of him above, wore what traditionally Jewish men would wear daily.
    Advances in health and hygiene were not established or known probably.
    Wine was a common drink for health Practice only. That too not alcoholic it was rich in reservatrol anti oxidant.
    Could very well endure oral health and provide vitamin c.

    If they had what we have today, I’m pretty sure it would be common practice.
    It’s stupidity to not peruse science to your health advantage and assume all the steps in what you call ‘ emotional evolution 301’ for men.

    You end up sabotaging yourself more than empowering yourself. Dont let hippie culture imbibe a way of life that has proven unsuccessful.
    Judgement exists and will always continue.

    Rebellion is personal taste and a phase in someone’s life.

    • That's really deep!:) Everything I write has a funny vibe a lot of truth in it. I get some of your points, what would be commonality.
      My insipration on writing these workouts, and this one especially, is that there are quite a few men who have given up or are failing with women, they get shot down over and over and they blame their looks or muscles. That is minor stuff, this is advanced exercise to how it is not those things but the inside project that is relevant. i wouldn't do this as a matter of practice all the time.

      I do this as a natural course of living... I have a physical job, don't always ahve time to change to something nice, so I'm out and about and I strike up conversations and receive positive feedback. I've never intentially dressed poorly to see what results I can get, although that could be done to flex some emotional muscles.

      I'm not sure how you read this... I feel you are really logic oriented, maybe not so emotional. I'm trying to flex emotions here. If one thing I've learned, there are some really smart Indian people!! Does your last name possibly rhym with "attel":)

    • You are oh so gracious to me my dear you are also able to read within my thoughts and spot on.
      You analyze me well and actually I only just realized you always come up with interesting subject matter.

      Yes women some do shoot down guys with our long expectations list. That is sad it’s consumerist ideology.
      Perhaps it’s part of a vicious cycle of heterosexual judgement.

      It had a starting point and kept becoming interdependent in cyclic fashion to an extent I’ve thought it’s so hard to wiggle out of.

      In that case, dressing not to impress is a reasonable personal choice and expression. It’s also more like you stated steps as part of an experiment.

      Emotionally I have been numbed. The only way that is slowly coming back to me is through deep horror movies with such rich tapestry of stories of tragedy. Tear jerkers actually.
      Then secondly, through giving deep thought to how people perceive me or treat me.

      Since I thought it was like an experiment I put my logical hat on :)

      You are adorable ;) love conversing with you

    • I enjoy conversing with you as well:)

      Yea, I think your heart was terribly hurt, security/love is huge for woman and that was violated so you shut down! Of course! Maybe your heart was hurt before that in childhood, often the case. we all have wounds. Healing takes time, I just came out of that.. couldn't feel a thing 3 months ago. Horror movies... oh my.. so to shock yourself emotionally, you need terror to find an emotion! maybe not the best route... that's like those electric paddles on heart patient! I used music that was emotionally engaging and inspired feelings, that works for me. It does take a shock to get things going.

      I found the healing in gaining perspective, getting the value out of the loss. Then you rise above it all... to new level you didn't know exists. I'll try to put that into story form for you so is fun... working on it today!

      God=love in my book, God is working on you as working on me. God is refiner.. doesn't want suffering, but will permit it. I have a viewpoint on what is really going on but that's long hard discussion, I need to write book for it.

      PM Me ill share a fun model for how I think women filter!:)

  • Too bad many people realise this after its too late...
    But dont see why and how it is important.

  • "Go out and about and strike up positive conversations with people! "

    but that is soooooooo boring! I don't like casual conversations with strangers.

  • I dont think these work

    • what do you mean by work? It works for him I think, to get the right energy, esteem, and confidence. Want me to proove it by getting some phon enumbers:)

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    • Pretty much, I dont think a style of dress is going to repair a persons mental state.

    • the dress will not, the workout... to push past assumptions in mind so that a person learns to project positive energy, building successes, that will work. It's no diff than lifting weights, just for the emotional state.
      bulb out:)

  • Ha! Gaaaaaaayyyyyeeee!

  • ... but I like dressing well! 😛

  • Or, you know, just have a sense of humor and people will like you and want to be around you.

    Meditation and positive thinking are bullshit.

    • personality is key, I Agree. but some guys are coming from a different place, crushed inside, they have good personality, it is masked by their false belief systems... e. g.. why they failed 30x in a row with women, they conjur up a reason... I'm too short, I'm not attractive, F it, I quit. Their understanding is wrong, their beliefs are wrong. they have to learn.

      some harbor a lot of stress.. meditation... is cure. some are creepy... convert neg to pos.

      that's my view, thanks for sharing!

  • Lol.


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