A Guide To Building A Hot Body: For Young Men


Check it out: you 18-22 year old young men out there, you want to get fit, be hot and get laid right? You have financial aid money coming in, you can get your own food now. Well strap in, this is your guide to eat right so that you can get shredded for college girls before you turn 20.

Trust me. I know. I was you once.

This is what you need right here:

A George Foreman grill.
A George Foreman grill.

Just bring it in your dorm room, set it on the desk and plug it in. It drains the fat off your meat so you don't have too. Washes down with a damp towel afterwards. Fits in the back seat of your car.

When you do your meal preps, lightly salt and pepper the grill to start out, then toss the whole pound of meat on the grill, spread it out, and shut the lid. Watch the magic happen while you do your HW. Rinse and repeat boys.

Lean meats like salmon, chicken and turkey are essential foods for anyone who wants a hot body. I could never find time to cook all the meat I was eating: oiling a pan, frying the meat was slow and greasy, washing the pan, needing a stove, etc. Overhead was just too high. So I ate a ton of takeout. The Foreman grill fixes all of it.

For guidance on daily meal plans, check out Conor Murphy's lean bulk meal plan:

Funny enough the guy uses canned meats and not fresh meats. That works too. And good for him, that's cheaper. You want a minimum of 2,600 calories or so to start gaining weight. But he does 4,000 calories a day to build big muscle.

I respect Murphy and he has good results that speak for themselves. But, this guy eats more like how I ate when I was lifting seriously and pushing 185-190 lbs.

And while I just wrote a take on how expensive this process is, turns out it doesn't have to be *that* expensive just as long as you shop walmart for things like bulk chicken at $1/lb (and trim the fat). Follow this exact meal plan here if you're poor, and I don't mean any disrespect by saying that -- I'm trying to help you guys out with the correct information.


That's the meal plan portion. It's 100% more important than the weight training, and the #1 reason most guys are ugly -- they don't eat right. And if they don't eat right, they can't benefit from exercise.

Here's my personal workout plan that got me results back when I could afford to eat right. Feel free to copy it.

Sets: 3; reps: 8 Start low weight, and then add ten pounds when it gets too easy. Don't ever stop adding 10 pounds.

Bench press: works lower chest and biceps + triceps.

Negative incline bench: upper chest, biceps and triceps

Lat pulldowns: lats and biceps

Deadlift: lower back

Power cleans: Upper back

Low chest pulls: mid back

Squats: butt, quad and hamstring

Ab machine: for making your abs grow larger to shine through once you reduce body fat %.

Calf raises: calves and hamstrings

Shoulder lateral raises: shoulders

Optional: bicep curls, two arm behind head tricept extensions.

My body respnded to resistence training. Body weight exercises don't do much for me. This could vary person to person.

Cardio: HIIT training. 10 min bursts of high intensity training. Or, Pilates. Trust me guys, Pilates is THE SHIT. Perfect way to birm fat and tone up the body while improving cardiovascular health, and fyi pilates was invented by a man for war veterans overcoming PTSD. Women tried it out and loved it, and sorta hijacked the whole thing. 💪

Cardio improves skin and cardiovascular health, reduces blood pressure and gives you a healthy glow. Don't over do it, just get it in once in a while.

Best of luck guys. I think, ultimately, getting a sexy body is the secret to Tinder matches, along with good clothes and a good friend to help you take profile photos out *in public.* The difference between ladies guys and guys that are too kind, too nice, too boring, whatever, is that the boring guys don't have the body and therefore don't get attention. Because they don't get attention, they don't get experience. Because they don't get experience, they treat people in ways that don't make sense from the perspective of someone who has experience. Thus, are off putting. Just MO.

When someone is fit, being frank is fine. Getting sex is from being direct, is fine. No bs. This is the difference in attitude between a hot player guy and someone who doesn't have that charisma. Just saying wjat I think guys.

Because of this, I believe anyone can be a Fuckboy as long as you put in the work. 💪✌

A little inspiration:

A Guide To Building A Hot Body: For Young Men
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  • Truthatanycost
    One of the easiest ways of adding in extra calories is by adding them in liquid form. After each meal, you can drink 100 grams of ultra fine oats mixed with coconut oil, plant protein etc. You can easily drink an extra 500+ healthy calories in this way.

    Something else you need to be aware off. If you are eating what's suggested in this take, then your body will need additional help with digestion. If you do not do this, you could lose potential gains, age faster and get stomach issues. It's good to read up on the importance of digestive enzymes.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Ellie-V
    If I have a son, I’m not going to to encourage him to body build or to go out of his way to grow bigger muscles. But if he is interested in doing so by his own desire—and if gag is still around by that time (😂)—I will be sure to direct him to this take!
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    • He doesn't need to go overboard, but strength training is essential for any boy / man and will help him in so many ways. I think he should be encouraged, but also taught the importance of balance.

      I'm not interested in having a physique like the guy in that video, but definitely enjoy building more muscle and having a more balanced physique. It also teaches discipline and strength of mind.

    • Ellie-V

      Ok well, I won’t be encouraging him unless it’s something he wants to do on his own ☺️

    • Robertcw

      I would say one of a mom's biggest responsibilities is to ensure that her sons succeed with women.

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  • Jennifer_32
    Meh, stopped caring about women and this world. Rather just be happy single and masturbate to hentai.

    Women always want you to be taller, bigger and better. It's all so tiresome and tedious
  • DeshawnMGTOW
    skinny little arms pewny little legs
  • 6lacier
    Because women love insecure vain guys.
  • Butterfly-x