Doing Yoga After Three Years


I've taught myself to do Yoga by two books. It's been three years now and still doing Yoga. If you do it, you're Anti-aging yourself. At 40, I am walking fast and going up or down the stairs quick. First trying it was hard but once you get to that pose. You feel like a rubber band.

Best poses for me are the Tree, Warrior two, Down Dog, Up dog, Plank and The Chair. If you haven't done it yet. Try some easy poses first. Your body will feel nice.

Doing Yoga After Three Years

Part two. Meditation

I do it 2-3 times a day. Eight minutes at least. Feels good.

Do it if you got stress, struggles in your life or sad. Find a quiet place or play some slow healing music. Keep your eyes close and let your mind go. Keep it like a blank piece of paper. Mediate for 5 minutes. Open eyes and you will feel great.

Doing Yoga After Three Years
Doing Yoga After Three Years
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  • ROCKS128
    You could have written more...

    But these works definitely help a lot than anything.
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  • itsmeamy
    They are starting yoga at the ymca next mounth I think I am gona try it
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    • Try it. It can be hard for awhile. But once you know the poses, you'll love it. Keeps you feeling stronger.

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