OMG Deadly CoronaVirus: How not to get Infected? (A lot of Questions & Answers)

OMG Deadly CoronaVirus: How not to get Infected? (A lot of Questions & Answers)

In the case of the SARS virus, people first had symptoms of the disease, and then they became contagious. With the current coronavirus, although this requires additional research, people can be infected, but still do not show any symptoms for a few days. However, they can already be contagious.

If this is true, then it will be more difficult to control the spread of the virus, because it is difficult to identify infected, not showing symptoms, for example, by measuring the temperature. They look quite healthy, they don’t need to see a doctor, they freely communicate with others, but at the same time, they can contribute to the rapid spread of infection.

Who is at risk?

Elderly people and those who suffer from respiratory diseases are most at risk of serious illness. For healthy people, this virus is not a big problem.

Does this mean that if a person, say, is 30 years old, and he leads a healthy lifestyle, he can still become infected, but not die?

Of course, we can not guarantee anything, but it seems that the vast majority of young people show symptoms in a moderate form, not much different from severe flu.

How to protect yourself from this virus if a person is in a city where the disease is already spreading?

The best way to protect against the virus is with conventional hygiene products. Try not to sneeze or cough on you. If you yourself are ill, carefully dispose of used disposable handkerchiefs. Wash your hands more often - because the virus can be transmitted not only by airborne droplets, when someone sneezes or coughs, you can pick it up by touching infected surfaces or an infected person. So, I repeat, regularly washing your hands, you protect yourself from infection.

Do medical masks help?

The mask has some protective properties, but it doesn’t really help, because household medical masks are not able to delay the virus. In addition, viruses are in the hands with which people touch their faces, putting on and removing these masks, so there is no need to talk about their effectiveness.

What can countries do to prevent the virus from spreading?

It is very difficult for a single country to protect itself from viruses, given the global movement of people. If the epidemic has begun, new cases of infection will be recorded in different parts of the world. What China does by quarantining entire cities and restricting movement should slow down the spread of the virus. If these measures are effective, it will slow down its spread, but we will still witness a global epidemic.

We know that the original carriers of the virus were bats, which may have been an intermediate carrier, rodents, or some other species. And the game market in Wuhan has become the place where the virus was transmitted from animal to human.

I believe that in the future it will be very difficult to prevent the transmission of viruses from animals to humans because this happens periodically and so, and as there are more and more people living in the vicinity of animals on the planet, population density itself will increase this probability.

One of the deadliest viruses of the 20th century is the so-called Spanish flu. Then the epidemic claimed tens of millions of lives. Could an equally deadly virus appear in the 21st century?

At this stage, we do not expect this virus to be as deadly as the Spaniard since so many young people have become victims of that virus. In this case, we do not observe this.

Could, in principle, something like "Spanish" be repeated? Yes, as a global community, we are always in danger of a pandemic. Therefore, it is very important to be prepared for such a development of events.

But today we have a much more developed healthcare system, we have access to pure oxygen, to antibiotics, we are better prepared for such scenarios. And yet there is no doubt that sooner or later a new pandemic of influenza will happen.

OMG Deadly CoronaVirus: How not to get Infected? (A lot of Questions & Answers)
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  • Darcia
    Babies, elderly and people who have respiratory issues are at risk. Airborne is the worst way the virus can be transferred to you. You could be standing by someone in an elevator and someone sneezes all the particles from them is now in the air if not on you. Public railings, walls, buttons, and etc I would suggest avoiding touching and watch your children from being in contact with. They often aren’t disinfectant and it can be passed on by that way. I’m not sure why people don’t think before and after traveling out of the country. That what happened with Ebola and many other viruses.

    Great Take
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  • shadowlhyn
    Prevention is better than cure...
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  • 4eyes2mouths
    Is this still revelant?
    • poneglyphs

      Just saw this video

    • Nades

      @poneglyphs sorry but I completely disagree with his mantra of alert not anxious. You need to be alert and anxious. If you are not how anxious about something how do you think you are going to be alert about it?

    • Personally I haven't watched anything else about the virus since this video. Nothing I can really do other than wash my hands and stay away from bigger crowds of people. I'm just pretending nothing is happening. Can't quit my job and stay cooped up in my house. Tbh I never knew about any other major viruses in the past simply because I rarely watch the news. Lol

  • DanOh2018
    Hide in a submarine
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  • October808
    You know I basically broke this story on here over a monh ago and people called me a troll. The only way to avoid catchng it is to avoid people, wear an N95 filter mask and goggles.

    It's comedic to see people panicking now and hoarding food from our local stores.
  • eron5p62
    Just another strain of the flu not actually so deadly if u live in a first world country with healthcare and are not elderly or have a pre existing condition your fine if u get it. SARS swine flu were much worse the media is just hyping it to get people to tune into there networks and cash in
    • goaded

      It's not "Just another strain of the flu", it is a variation on SARS (SARS-CoV-2), and why don't you care about the elderly and people with pre existing conditions? I'm all right Jack?

  • Liam_Hayden
    This is just from confirmed cases, released less than two hours ago. No one knows yet what % is asymptomatic or assumed to be something else.
  • genericname85
    lol come on. a 0,3-0,7% mortality rate is not deadly. in fact you're 2-5 times more likely to die from a car accident every day and you still don't panic about driving a car do you?
  • LoU_Hades
    - incubation time of the virus is 6-16 day
    - people without symptoms are contagious
    - even people who had slight symptoms are contagious few days long after those symptoms disappeared
    - nCor2019 docks on ACE2 protein receptor in lungs, this causes severe respiratory problems by some people
    (40-50% East Asians, 10-20% Europeans, 6-10% Middle Eastern population have it)
    - virus has approx. 2 nm (manometer) diameter compared to bacteria that is 1-10 μm big are viruses 1000 time smaller. P3 or P100 filters in respirator masks don't filter out effectively such small structures.
    Infected person who wears a surgery mask sprays less saliva aerosol with viruses while coughing
    - nCor2019 can cristilizes exposed to air and can survive like other corona viruses and is still contagious several hours
    - nCor2019 has estimated very high R_0= 3,8-4,5 (it means how many other persons one sick individual can infect statistically)
    - China doesn't report credible numbers anymore
  • lightbulb27
    If I'm not mistaken, quite a few of the illnesses of mankind have come from us being so close to farm animals. This is normal. Unfortunately, normal means death is accelerated for many people unable to handle the new pathogen.

    I wonder how long this stuff lasts on surfaces, frozen foods, etc.. Like if someone in a processing plant or manufacturing plastic stuff... has it, disperses, that item is packaged and shipped.. is it still alive when we pick off the shelf.

    oh well, keep immune system up!
  • Gedaria
    Containment is the best way to not get the virus. The who have it are only kept warm and comfortable , and hope they are strong enough , or they get a cure.
  • outside_Toronto
    It's pretty simple stuff really
  • captain_voidwalker
    It's not deadly except in elderly and infants. For most people it's a mild to moderate case of the flu. Realy don't understand people panic over this
  • Just ensure you practice hand hygiene
    it is everywhere now
  • Richard_Bell
    - Wash hand 6-8 time a day
    - Person infected must wear Mask and get treated properly
    - Avoid moving to rushy market areas
  • kitty71
    Do medical masks help? No. It does not help the healthy person. The mask should only be used by the sick person in order not to spread the germs when they couhg or sneeze, the healthy person does not need to use a mask. The solution is just simple in order not to get infected. Wash your hands vigrously with sopa and water, not cough or sneeze with your open mouth, do not tocuh the areas with your hands if a person had sneezed on them without covering the face. Do not touch your face if you haven't wash your hands first whether you have touch the surface of any reas that could be infected.
  • Likes2drive
    Good mytake, good pointers , hopefully they can get a handle on it
  • Gsm24diecast
    Lol it’s just a scare, it happens every year... the flu kills more people in the United States.
  • zagor
    Gross looking little pieces of shit, aren't they...
  • NatalieKeller95
    are the developmentally disabled more at risk also? when it comes to fatalities related to the Virus
  • HeyMikie
    This is a new strain of a very common virus. Yes, it will make a lot of people sick and a few will die. then it will pass just like all other epidemics. Life goes on. Most of the deaths from the Spanish Flu and other flu pandemics in the past came from secondary infections such as bacterial pneumonia. The high death counts had more to do with the state of medical care available at the time than with how deadly the virus was. It is highly unlikely that any naturally occurring virus could ever do what those past epidemics did.
  • Sanjajkumar
    We are all, living against nature, so this all comes to human, we should love nature and should avoid harmful to nature.
  • Pipeliner87
    Easy Stay away from Chinese people, if they look Chinese or anything stay away from them.
  • Plitty-Tank
    It is best not to be along the area or people who may have the virus.
  • dbr1987
    Meth can kill it
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • username4h
    Nice, or not so nice
  • Anonymous
    I heard the virus mostly affects Asians due to a certain allele they have.

    It has a 2% mortality anyway. So if you’re white and young you have nothing to worry about.