Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Alright let’s get right to the topic. Other than Crack Cocaine, HGH (Human growth hormone) is probably one of the most widely used drugs in the whole world. Anti-aging, fat loss, disease treatment, it is used to make short children grow taller, and so many other things.

For Aesthetic purposes, this is the drug that will make you or break you. It is available in the black market and cost thousands of dollars. The legal route will cost about $50,000-$100,000 per year in anti-aging clinics. Why are average girls starting to use it? Well one of the reasons is availability. Not everyone has medical insurance. Not every doctor or physician is going to say “Yes” to a 21 y/o female asking for HGH. A 21 y/o female has more chances of a plastic surgeon saying Yes to boob enhancement, in my opinion. Your local weed dealer probably knows the local roid dealer, just saying, they’re all inter-connected.

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

The girl above is natural.

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Girl above is probably using a very low dose of HGH and Clenbuterol.

HGH is one of the most effective belly fat destroyer. I was legally prescribed HGH (Humatrope and Norditropin) for my L5 disc leak because I didn’t want invasive surgery. The treatment was 8 months, 2ius per day (2ius is the number #10 in a 1ml insulin needle). It is injected in the belly fat area. It magically healed my disc, and it melted what was left of my belly fat. Literally for 8 months, I was eating Doritos and Pepsi and HGH gave me 6 pack abs without even working out.

Almost all of my female friends have asked me about HGH. Some of them have literally showed me a 72iu kit of Somatropin and it got my head scratching. These girls literally have no idea what dosages they’re supposed to use, and if they can medically use it. What I mean by medically use is that you have to get pre-screenings and dozens of tests by a doctor to make sure you don’t have any underlying issues like heart disease, and cancer. The scientific community believes that HGH can also make tumors and cancers grow faster. So this is why not everyone are allowed to take it. Some know they’re not supposed to but end up taking it anyway.

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

The girls that are getting it from the black market don’t know if they got the real stuff or not. The fail proof way of knowing if your HGH is pharmaceutical grade or fake, is if it makes you sleepy. Within 1hr or injection, it is supposed to make you sleepy. It is a non thermogenic fat destroyer. Without getting too scientific, HGH causes the release of IGF-1, and IGF-1 causes all of your cells to dump the glucose in your bloodstream and prevents the absorption of glucose. What happens when your cells can’t get access to glucose? Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. So yes, real hgh is supposed to make you sleepy.

The side effect abuse to HGH is the other drugs that girls are taking. ECA (Ephdra Caffeine Aspirin), Anavar, Clenbuterol to combat the lethargic effect of HGH, so that they can go the gym and workout. HGH doesn’t cause liver or kidney damage, it’s the “anti-lethargy” stuff.

Long term abuse of HGH can lead to organ growth, especially your heart. If your family has a history of heart disease, chances are you probably have an enlarged heart or malfunction heart. HGH can worsen this.

From an aesthetic point of view, HGH long term abuse use can cause the abdominal walls to split. This is not genetics, it may look like it’s genetics. But trust me, it takes one who have used one, to know one who is using one.

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Abdominal split

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Very high abdominal split. Long term use and high dosages

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Men, abdominal split

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Men, mild abdominal split

Final thoughts, just stay natural girls. And Liposuction or tummy tucks don’t give you an instagram model body. There’s 2 types of body fat shown in this diagram.

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Surgeons don’t penetrate anything beyond the abdominal wall. So even if they suck out the top layer of fat, if you have 1-2 inches layer of Visceral fat, it won’t get you a lean looking midsection.

Brazillian burr lifts and any type of buttlifts won’t get you a body like this:

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)

Anavar, HGH, and Equipoise stack will get you a body like this if you have the proper genetics.

Instagram models pt.2 (Human Growth Hormone)
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    I have an abdominal split, Bc i build muscle relatively easily and I don’t naturally store fat in my stomach unless I get on the higher end of my normal weight. I don’t use drugs. Sometimes people just don’t store fat in their stomach. It’s not always drugs... but obvioisly yeah some of those pics lol
    • Agreed. I have lipodystrophy so I don't store any on my legs. Really on anywhere but my face and stomach.

  • alligatorblues
    You should mention less longevity, thickening of skin and bones, including the skull, unwanted growth in teenagers whose bones have not fused. Hgh abuse is selling your future. Not to mention it causes the pituitary to produce much less GH, so when you go off it it gets low. There are better ways to increase GH. Arginine/ornithine blend works well. Look it up.
  • Walidbaierfit
    I read your earlier post and I find it very important that you point this out. It should be spread out much more!
  • Hunter7754
    The abdominal split if I'm not mistaken has more to do with genetics than HgH.
    Everyone's abdominal muscles are different. Some people have uneven abdominal muscles, some people have a wider separation between the abdominal muscles, etc.
  • MeatPuppet
    You know, intense physical training can also yield some pretty impressive results. I wouldn't make accusations of substance misuse solely based on the appearance of fit women.
  • Aaron_Stone
    Girl with white top 👕 "LIVE FOR... " looks like sculpture 😮 Can't believe harmone can make someone look that better 🤯
  • esotericstory
    You need to provide sources my friend. Now, it just seems like you are saying random things without further reading options provided.
  • scooogy
    Nothing sexier than looking like a man from the front view and like a woman from the back view. 🙄
    • VIVANT

      It’s all gross tbh lol all of them

      But then strength isn’t Pretty it’s Practical 🤷‍♀️😊

    • scooogy

      @VIVANT a female friend of mine works in retail and she's stronger than me even though she doesn't look like Hulk.

  • Kinglet
    Bro, I have an abdominal split and I've never taken this.
  • Lanawolf
    Very interesting, a good read
  • Kingfish3447
    Very informative... thanks
  • NiWash
    Very informative.
  • Knuxx
    Good read and very informative.
  • johnarb12
    Agreed, very interesting and informative
  • Anonymous
    No talk about how many of them do disgusting things for rich emirates?
    • Anonymous