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Raising awareness for Self Harm Struggle.

Raising awareness for Self Harm Struggle.

Today i want to take time to talk about something by merely showing this image, now the message it says is "Everyday Is A Struggle Self - Self Harm Awareness."

But the symbolizations i made in this image are by themselves more powerful. Let's go over them, shall we?

Starting off, the background image i drew is supposed to reflect the heart, showing it is a topic close to myself personally.

Second, we have the words “Awareness”, “Harm” and “Self”, these are put on drug candies that even if they make you feel good first will leave you wanting more, hence there are two shadows on them, shadowing the fact you are using it for a reason, and that you know how bad they are for you as you become addicted. And the shadows on the word “Awareness” are also all over the place, giving the false awareness many people have of it's power over those who do it, thinking they can easily quit.

Next we have the razor, made of glass with the word “Struggle”, this is because even Cutting yourself may become an addiction, the glass symbolizes that after time there will still be visible marks left, even if the pain may have faded and the blood washed away.

Fourth we have the subjects “A” and “Is”, these words are made of Speed and Cocaine, these ones I've come in contact with myself and i know how eratic these can make you become, that is why the subject “Is” is left an uncut mess because you lose control if you take too much.

If you look at the word “Everyday”, you can realize that this is a never ending cycle, you get hurt, you self harm or take drugs, you get healed, it becomes a never ending cycle, how many of you did not notice the blood until NOW on the word Everyday?

Self Harm is a subject not discussed enough in schools, and is seen as an easy way of bullying someone, just know that if you bully someone who self harms, you become a lasting scar on that persons history, leaving them with the consequences, or maybe, you are the water droplet that causes them to end their existence, as if whisked away.

In belows video i drew the image to draw awareness to the issue.

Raising awareness for Self Harm Struggle.
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  • KristenKT
    Thank you so much for talking about this.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I really wanted to make sure that people got it correctly.. Self harm is not easy to stop, in any way shape or form its addictive because you think you are getting rid of the bad, but it becomes self fulfilling due to the fact it is a cycle.

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  • chris0977
    Many, in my experience, focus more on making an emotional ego-identity narrative of victimhood & struggle than solving the issue. I've tried to offer many help, but found, if it doesn't make sense immediately, or isn't a logical path to resolution (meaning they can't cognitively process, now, how it could work), they'll either reject it outright, not take it serous enough to even give effort to exploration, or passively accept it, out of politeness, but never truly attempt to utilize it as a resource.

    These issues can be mastered, as I have done myself, but not through wasting time making some emotional connection between words & objects (without effort to assess "what is putting so much effort into making these associations actually doing to contribute to solving my problem?")

    Next is personal responsibility. It's nobody else's responsibility to understand, or accommodate you, if you're a "victim", tough, stop trying to change others, focus only on working on yourself, because many others aren't going to give a crap about your issues, nor is it their job, obligation, or responsibility to.

    Stop obsessing in effort to build ego-identifying storytelling narratives - start focusing only on solving the problem. What's needed is to teaching children to toughen up, stop making it others' responsibility to accommodate your issues, playing "victim" & start accepting overcoming them is your responsibility, and yours alone.
  • MAC1983
    That is such a good and well formulated question I will have to mull it over and read a bit before contributing!

    "I'll be back!
    • MAC1983

      1st of all: That is such a🆒 video! So powerful...
      What did you draw it in? COREL Draw?

    • MAC1983

      2nd: how did you make the everyday part look so much like a scar? Shadows, colour, lines or both, or something else...

    • MAC1983

      3rd: it's such an in-your-face, deal-with-it image! Top class! 👌👏👏👏🙌☺️🙃

      4th: I am unclear about what you are asking in the question... Maybe I missed something?

      5th: What were you expecting the feedback to be while making the drawing and writing the question? Testimonies? Comparison? A more broad view on drugs and OCD cutting?

      6th: "Have I told you, lately" that you are AWESOME?

      And there have been some pretty incredible ones...