Why I'm obsessed with my mental health


Feeling Helpless

Knowing that something is not right but not knowing what and having no way to express it is the most disempowered I've ever felt. Going through life like that just coping feeling alone. Thinking nobody cares about me, nobody understands me and not caring about them in return. Always being confused about why I don't understand some things people do and why I'm different in some way. Having all these open questions weighing on me and distracting me from life.

Why Im obsessed with my mental health

Clarity is invaluable

It makes all the difference in the world if you know yourself. Telling a boss I'm exhausted, I can't come to work today, nobody gives a fuck about that. Telling someone you have autism is completely different, it resets expectations. Instead of treating me like someone who's just lazy or doesn't like this job they'll treat me with more respect. I like telling people I have autism not because I'm open I still have trouble opening up in other areas. But it's because I felt powerless for so long when I didn't know what was going on with me and I got constant negative feedback from people. It's pure relief to be diagnosed and not have to worry about that anymore. Having to explain my problem to someone when I'm still trying to figure it out myself and them just dismissing it, or not really getting it that's just a pain.

Communication is so important and being able to communicate the things I struggle with is the biggest difference maker in building a life for myself that is adjusted to my needs and not being constantly under pressure to fit the expectations of a "regular person". And of course also for myself to make informed decisions and plan ahead.

Why Im obsessed with my mental health

Free your Mind

It's not just communicating with other people we all have things that hold us back from following our dreams or being more open and confident with other people etc. I feel like these emotional issues are some of the most important things you can work on in your life. You might not realize it in day to day life but these subconscious fears, that make you avoid social gatherings or stop you from taking the leap into that thing you always wanted to do, they will shape your life. They will trap you way more than for instance a lack of money.

In the past it felt like life was trying to crush me. But now I see the world is mostly positive (at least where I live) there's so many people who try to help you out or offer some kind of service or give you advice or whatever. Nobody's trying to stop me from reaching my goals, hurt me, take away my stuff or anything like that. The only thing I have to overcome is myself and that happens in the mind. That's why this has been my #1 priority for years now and it's not gonna change anytime soon.

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Why I'm obsessed with my mental health
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  • invalid1
    At least you know what is your problem. I don't. I keep being called "child-like" or "he's like on drugs" when I am not.
    I felt connected a lot in the first paragraph. Thank you.
  • Well said, and kinda made me think of this song...https://www.youtube.com/embed/LpgMXqqgKic
  • NamerOfStars
    Interesting. When you need accommodations from someone, do you start by telling them specifically what you need, or by saying you're autistic?
    • Lynx122

      Lol no I don't start a conversation like that. But I don't shy away from it either when I meet friends of friends or so. Like she talked about how she gets tired super easily and then I said me too and then we just talked about our reasons for why we get tired.

      A lot of people think it's weird, they think you would want to hide something like that but I feel better because I feel like I won't cause misunderstandings or conflicts by accident if they know.

      When I do more business related stuff I don't tell them because it's unnecessary I can tell someone what I want and pay for it and it won't have an effect at all.

    • That makes sense.