If you've ever called a man skinny you're probably wrong and a troll.


I'm a real skinny guy, 6"2' and 130lbs. I eat enough to be fat, but it doesn't work, it's been this way my whole life. My brain burns thousands of calories per day.

I can't even count the number of times I've heard people talk about how skinny a guy is and then I find out he's literally in the dead center of healthy weight on the BMI scale, which for my height would be 150 to 160lbs. It's so aids that a man being a healthy weight is seen as super skinny.

Here's a BMI chart for reference:

If youve ever called a man skinny youre probably wrong and a troll.

If you've ever called a guy with a BMI of 20 through 22 "skinny" then you are literally just a troll. You might as well make fun of girls for being fat, you're literally just trolling but you probably never even realized it.

When guys call healthy weight girls fat everyone freaks out. Now you know the truth, so freak the F*** out when someone calls a healthy weight guy skinny. If they're actually skinny, like me, then whatever, but if you call a healthy weight guy skinny you're trolling.

Thanks for listening.

If you've ever called a man skinny you're probably wrong and a troll.
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  • chris94187
    I too am 6'2" and on average weight 140ish. But it can swing 10lbs either way. My experience is mostly that many people assume that you are on drugs and wasted away to this weight. The most I've ever weighed in my life is 152 and I was going broke from eating. I don't think it's wrong to call a skinny person skinny. We are skinny, which is not a bad thing by itself. The problem is judging someone that is in a situation that you have been in and probably never experience yourself. I will never be over weight. Therefore I can't imagine it and have no judgement to pass. And yet, I digress... my little brother is 6'6" and weighs the same as me... that motherfucker is skinny.
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    • When you weighed 152 you weren't "skinny". Society only calls it skinny because women are attracted to borderline overweight men.

  • bolverk
    OK, do not use any of the BMI grids they do not work.
    I know a guy 5'10" 290lb and by the BMI's he is extremely obese, but he is a power lifter and barely has a gram of fat on him, his shoulders are so broad he as to turn sideways to go through a doorway with the rest of him muscles to match.

    Your not Skinny you're normal for you, willing to bet that if you were tested you'd have a 'fast' metabolism, and I would not be surprised if you snack all the time and are constantly hungry.
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    • I have a fast metabolism but I don't snack all the time and am constantly hungry. I eat multiple large meals a day to keep myself from dropping to 120. But my point isn't the BMI scale, it's that men who are around the range of BMI 19-23 for their height aren't automatically skinny. I on the other hand, yes I am skinny. You can see most if not all of my ribs at all times.

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    IS that chart for men and women or just for men?
    my husband is 5'9 and around 125. I am 5'3 and about the same.
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  • Justneedtokno
    No they’re actually skinny guys out there.
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  • BeMuse
    BMI is completely flawed. It doesn’t account for proportions of bone, muscle, and fat in any way. People with strong bones and good muscle tone will always have a high BMI falling into the category of overweight, obese, or even extremely obese. If you are a healthy male by BMI standards, then you are likely a very frail male.
    • Your opinion proves my point and is so destructive to healthy weight men's minds. People think that if a man is a healthy weight he's skinny and weak, that's just flat out not true. People who are BMI 20-22 can be a healthy weight and a healthy muscle mass. There are people who are BMI 20-22 who can lift hundreds of pounds. You should check out the heavy weight lifting by weight category in the Olympics.

      The only way a man is likely a very frail male is if he's underweight like me. There was a point in my life I was eating 8,000 calories per day and working out to weigh 145 and I was the polar opposite of frail.

    • BeMuse

      You’re very unlikely to fall within the normal range of BMI as a male especially if you are athletic. You’d have to be an ectomorph with a small body frame. Athletic males typically have higher bone density than a non athletic populations. Repeated sudden impacts of force on bones increase bone density over time. Sure there are exceptions to the rule like swimmers and cyclists that do not have the force of their body weight working against them in their sport, but for the most part you’re going to see average to large body frames with high bone density that excel in athletics. When you examine somatotypes in athletic male populations, for the most part the men are mesomorphs. After that you’ll find ectomorphs in lower impact sports. So very rarely are you going to find a small framed ectomorph in those populations hence my comment “then you are likely a very frail male.” because the odds are low… Even ectomorphs that participate in sports tend to build larger muscle mass than average which increases their BMI. My point was that BMI is a bad measure for men. Cherry picking the smallest bone structures in the ectomorph somatotype and calling them normal doesn’t account for the bulk of the male population. A normal is suppose to be the mean of the population. It’s a bad system.

    • BeMuse

      Personally as a mesomorph with a large bone structure that actively competed in many sports throughout my life I ride the border of overweight to obese for BMI as a large body frame mesomorph even when starving myself to make weight classes for example in wrestling. It’s a useless system for most men. If you look at professional sports even the smallest of men typical are upper overweight to obese just like me. Some of the heaviest men in high impacts sports like the NFL aren’t even on your scale at all. For example William Perry was 382 LB at 6’2”. If you are a short small framed ectormorph that falls in a “healthy” range, there’s a really good change you are a lot smaller than the rest of the guys, even if medically you are not considered anorexic for your body type. BMI is a bad system.

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  • SlightlyEccentric
    Im 6'0.5 and weigh 314 lbs. I'm very agile for my size and while I definitely could be in better shape, I'm certainly not in all that bad of shape either considering I always walk to work and the store when I can.
  • I'm 5'11" and 300 lbs. I lose in BOTH categories. No one likes a short fatty.
    • That's not short, that's above average height actually. Also short fatties do better with girls than tall anorexic's.

  • Redstang88
    Actually you’re underweight according to that chart. But BMI is considered loose guidelines at best, it doesn’t account for any amount of muscle.
    • I never said I was anything else, I know I'm underweight, that's what's skinny. Once you get to underweight you can see ribs, that's when someone is actually skinny. Someone who's BMI 20-22 doesn't look skinny, you can't even see any ribs usually, people just expect men to look heavier to be masculine.

  • bulletbob555
    Its hard to conceptualize for me as comparing people to myself. If I weigh 200 now and weigh 200 if I was a foot taller I wouldn't want to think about it
  • ManHater
    BMI does not take into account ones habbits or body type so... Yeah it's B. S.
    • I shouldn't have even posted the image. I don't think there's a single commenter on this thread that even understood what I was saying because of looking at the BMI chart.

    • ManHater

      Men are visual learners. lol good example.

  • Daniel_Dano
    As someone here also said BMI means nothing , someone might weight less because they may have less muscle mass and not because they lack fat.
    • Not the point. The whole point was the range that someone would be in on the BMI chart for 20-23 isn't skinny.

  • Browneye57
    No one cares. Sorry little pony.
    • I bet you feel that way about healthy weight girls getting called fat too.

    • Browneye57

      Only if they ARE fat.
      Seems popular these days... one too many cheeseburgers or tacos. LOL

  • Anonymous
    Dude. You'll get more ass if you're less of a pussy. Just a bit of helpful advice for you there.

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