A Continuation of my Breastfeeding Journey

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Me breastfeeding my baby
Me breastfeeding my baby

Four days after his due date, my son latched beautifully for the first time. He nursed like a pro from that day forward. To this day, I always say that if he could have chosen his own birthday, he would have been 4 days late. That’s when he was ready.

I was able to take a 15 week maternity leave, which was fabulous and then I went back to work part time, 3 days a week. He went to his grandparents while I was at work. This is when I had to start pumping again. I had stopped pumping shortly after he latched per the advice of an LC who could see that the pump was really stressing me out. Plus, I wanted to breastfeed him whenever possible and avoid bottles. In fact, he hadn’t had a single bottle in months when I dropped him off at my parent’s house. I hoped he would take the bottle, but I wasn’t sure that he would. He did and all was well.

I spent the first year of my son’s life thinking that I had low-to-just-enough supply because I’d never been able to pump very much. The most I ever got from a pumping session was 4 oz and usually it was more in the 2 oz range – from both breasts. It took me over a year to come to the conclusion that I am someone who just doesn’t perform well for the pump. Looking back on it now, I think he’s always gotten plenty of breast milk from nursing; my body just didn’t want to give it up for the pump.

I stopped pumping at 12.5 months because I wasn’t really getting much anyway, and switched to giving him whole milk from a cup while he was away from me. I haven’t had a “supply problem” since. Around that time, he completely rejected the bottle. He still loved to nurse, though. He would sign “milk” (we use the word “nurse”) as soon as I got home from work. At his one year appointment, his pediatrician actually informed me that he was no longer getting any calories or nutrition from my breast milk. I pretty much called bullsh*t on that one and didn’t ask him any more breastfeeding advice. It’s sad that someone in the medical community could be so uneducated on such an important subject.

At 15 months I thought he was weaning because he inexplicably refused my left breast for 48 hours. He took my right breast just fine. Forty-eight hours later, he took my left breast like nothing had ever happened. In hindsight, I think maybe he had a crick in his neck or something in it that made it temporarily uncomfortable to nurse on that side. He’s never done anything remotely like this since. I do wish I had pumped my left breast during that time though. I wouldn’t have gotten much but it would have been something. My left breast still produced, but was pretty lame compared to the right one.

Now, when I first embarked on this breastfeeding journey, I had the goal of going for one year. My mother breastfed me for 10 months and I thought if I can do more than that, that’ll be great! However, when his first birthday started to approach, it became very clear that neither he nor I were ready to be done. Sometime after his first birthday, we started offering him cow’s milk and snacks along with breastfeeding. Sometimes he wanted and enjoyed the milk and snacks, other times he asked to nurse instead. He was pretty adamant when he wanted to nurse and he always asked to nurse at least two times per day (first thing in the morning and when I get home from work are his favorites). He dropped his before bed feeding on his own around 9 months. At that point I started doing dream feeds, which I continued until 18 months when he no longer wanted them. Dream feeds were a life saver! They helped both of us get more sleep.

I really thought that he would choose to wean himself before the age of two. Before I had him, I had never heard of anyone nursing a child longer than 21 months. But he just wasn’t ready to wean yet. He knew what else was out there, but he seemed to prefer the good stuff that came from mama. ❤️

A Continuation of my Breastfeeding Journey
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  • Apple1996
    Thank you for sharing your breastfeeding journey! It's very important to share and normalize breastfeeding especially on a site like this where most people are lacking knowledge about breastfeeding.
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  • Brown-Kitty
    Amazing thank you so much for sharing your experience. My second son’s 11 months almost 12 months and I’m seriously thinking about weaning him but I didn’t decide yet.
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  • MTC29
    Wow! The same big blue eyes as mommy.

    As a man, I'd be terrified at the thought of giving birth, and confused by the notion of nourishing a tiny human being from my body.

    Women are truly amazing!
    • Yes. He is my mini me. I love him to pieces. Thank you for sharing that. It is daunting and scary but I did what I had to do.

  • exitseven
    That kid wins the contest for the bluest eyes. He is looking at the camera and thinking "Whatchu lookin' at?"
    Very informative. You really had it down to a science even though it is clearly an art.
  • pleasestopthis
    You and your son are very lucky, it's wonderful that you could breastfeed him that long and enjoy the experience. I know lots of moms whose breasts barely produce any milk and no longer than a few months, my mother included.
    • That is very true. I had friends who had the same experience. My mom didn’t know about breast pumps so she fed me when she could and daycare gave me formula starting at 3 months. After that I was combo fed until 10 months. I feel fortunate.

  • matchrestore
    My son weened at about 15 months, but he still associated breasts with comfort, and would put his hand down my wife's shirt constantly.
    • Some kids wean earlier than others. Mine associated mine with comfort for a while too.

  • Andres77
    One daughter nursed for 9 months.
    Other daughter growing her teeth started biting my wife's nipples... so my wife closed shop.
    • Completely relatable! My children never intentionally bit me thank goodness. Occasionally accidentally while falling asleep.

  • pink_and_inlove
    What a beautiful story of motherhood also the baby is so cute 🥺
  • hi_it_is_me123
    This is a great cute take and the baby is so cute 🥺😍.
  • Morgan_99
    Awh. Love this. If I ever have a child I want to breastfeed for as long as possible.
  • JamesRandiDebates
    If you're going to post about breastfeeding, I expect a nipple pic.
  • helloThereYo12
    Beautiful, I am happy for you❤️
  • Tstrbrainer
    He have beautiful eyes. Is this your youngest?
    • Thank you. Yes he is.

    • The story is about my oldest. The pic is my youngest. I didn’t take many pics with my oldest.

    • When did your youngest started to wean?

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  • Bricealan
    Good woman, Loves !
  • Titli1995
    Wow. I always like breastfeed.
  • CoolGuy7532
    That's great. Thanks for sharing!
  • Piperhiggins
    Maybe u should lose weigjt
    • In what? My boobs? Maybe you should go back to first grade and learn how to spell. Maybe you could pick up some tips about playing nice in the sandbox while you are there.

    • Are u too fat to write

    • I think you are you bitch-ass hoe. Bye, Felicia.

  • jimmy2
    Thank you for that its a learning take
  • Sampan2017
    Very emotional bonding
    Thank you for sharing
  • krin_m
    Very sweet and sentimental! Thanks for sharing!
  • Anonymous
    Nice Mytake