Depression and Anxiety. Finding alternate ways to tackle this!

Depression and Anxiety. Finding alternate ways to tackle this!

Lately I have been going through depression and anxiety, thoughts of the future. Possibilities, trails of endless imagination and becoming lost in thought!

I have been regularly seeking counselling / therapy help, this is helping in many ways. Having that person to talk to without any drawback, or 'outbursts' of judgement, control, belittlement, or manipulative behaviour!

Now I am seeing the world in a different view. My breathing has improved, my emotions are making a come back and I feel relieved, happy, anxious, sad (about to cry), shocked and is disbelief of how far my life has come, and how much further I need to go!

I see people regularly that look disheartened, frustrated, angered, in hopelessness and my thoughts go haywire, like why....I am sorry these people are going through these thoughts, feelings or hard times. I wan to reach out and say 'Hey everything is ok, you have this, you have your life, you're strong, and you need to believe, you can get through whatever it is you are going through!'

Being I struggled for years, being talked to like I was nothing, like I had no thoughts, feelings, Plans, Future, career or even support to fall back on. I wallowed into myself and had been that way for a very long time (20 years - give or take).

Anyway, as I was saying. Seeing these people, people who work hard everyday, get up and go to work, do something with their lives, or being creative. I myself am finding it hard to find words, or say to someone 'Life is ok-be brave'.

So when you feel down on yourself, or something has happened, or you are having a 'Brain-fog' day for no reason. Find yourself, stand or sit where you are for five minutes, and ask yourself...'Why are you here?'...What have you done in life?... What is something significant that stands out?.... Has anyone asked if you are ok?.... If so, ask someone else if they are ok!.... How their day has been!.... What their plans are!... or to even take 5 minutes to talk about anything.

I have been through a number of 'Situations' myself, and know from experience that there are others out there, that have either been through the same, similar or even worse!

Life may be scary, but understand that you can make a change, there is hope and there is freedom (whether you are stuck in a 9-5, or endless roaming around looking for something)

A message to keep yourself going and do not look back, find your life, find your goals. You are amazing! Keep well. I will be around. Much Love Kieran...

Depression and Anxiety. Finding alternate ways to tackle this!
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  • Anonymous
    Thank you so much for writing this. I have been feeling really depressed and stressed these past few weeks. I honestly feel like my life is one big mess, nothing ever seems to work out for me.

    I legit cried 3 times today (and it's only 4pm right now). I've felt stressed and sad about the idea of losing my friend (not sure if he really cares anymore), I feel worthless, I feel like I'll be unable to finish my final school projects on time, etc.

    But your post really made me feel a bit better. I really appreciate it. This is exactly what I needed today.
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  • genericname85
    this is not a site where you should get medical advice. if you suffer from clinical depression or anxiety, that's a medical issue. get professional help. asking trolls on the internet will make matters worse.
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    • Please rwad before commenting!

      Thank you!

      Good bye!

    • Read*

    • as i said. i think the best way to deal with anxiety and depression is by NOT dealing with random people on the internet. if you have people in your life that bring you down, try to get rid of them but most certainly do not go on social media or forums, cause that will creat an echo chaber for those issues, only making it worse.

      if i had clinical depression, first thing i'd do is stop using the internet.

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  • Cherry234
    I'm glad you're getting therapy and it's helping you. I struggle with anxiety too but even though there are times when I feel sad or depressed I wouldn't say I have clinical depression because I haven't been diagnosed with it. Nice take.
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    • Thank you, I am not diagnosed 'Clinical depression' either. I think more borderline, and heavily depressed way before seeking advice!
      I have now more general anxiety, and struggle with social settings.
      I find orhers that are more intelligent than myself, and find it hard to talk or start a conversation!
      A very high percentage of the population that live aroind my area smoke, drink, do drugs and or sleep around so 'making my mark' in life is quite tough and challenging to find a straight life path!

      Have you thought about counselling or therapy sessions?

      I get these free, being I live in the UK and it is covered by the NHS, and i complained for 5 years about psychological problems!

    • Cherry234

      I've had therapy before.

    • Can I ask, did the therapy help?

      Apologies for the late reply. Work and home life keep me busy!

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  • ShaTTeredMasterpeace
    Great MyTake!! I'm hoping you arw dealing better and starting to heal!
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  • virtue2332
    That's great Kieran it takes a special person to reach out and talk about something that not everyone has the strength to do so. I also struggled from anxiety and depression and it's amazing how much time can fly by and it can seem like a lot of time wasted not living your best life. For me my journey started after I left the millitary and had time to begin to process what I went through. To get through it I through myself into my new career thinking it would fix me. I had a job a house a six figure job but I was still not happy and I couldn't figure out why. What I was doing was putting on an act while at work and being on as I called it but It wasn't me and it was draining to the point that I couldn't do it anymore I eventually stepped away it seemed like it wasn't until I stepped away from that job and stopped all the pills I took to get through my day that people that didn't know what was going on thought I was going down hill. I was doing an okay job of appearing like I had my shit together but it was always a house of cards ready to fall and the thought of it happening was fueling my anxiety. I never enjoyed the job I only did it for money It took a lot to step away but I know I wouldn't be here anymore if I didn't. I gave up everything and began the journey of finding myself and what was important to me. I had Soo much going on my weight was out of control I was in blood pressure meds. Pain meds anti anxiety meds. Anti depressents stimulants. I'm not saying medications are all bad but for me they were. They controlled me and I misused them. I had to come clean and be honest with myself and my medical team. It was a journey that I continue to this day. I feel better without the medications I found that exercise is important for me and when I feel anxious or depressed I go for a jog or a walk and use that time to have a conversation with myself. I learned how to say no as well as to speak up when I needed to talk about issues I was dealing with. I do my best to be me and surround myself with people who are positive and strong in the areas that I want to improve on. It's something that I no longer look at getting over and more at finding creative ways to feel better about who I am and the things I can control.
  • EmyyWolf
    Depression, Anxiety and Stress

    Ain’t no such thing. Unless you’re foreal a victim do war, child-ab—se , child neglect, ra—pe, molestation or any of those.

    But if you claim to have depression anxiety and stress otherwise. you're A GODDAM P-SSY
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  • bamesjond0069
    1. Eat healthy and exercise.
    2. Embrace tradition gender roles.
    3. Embrace traditional gendered hobbies.
    4. Keep busy.
    5. Keep to a schedule.
    6. Lower or stop your social media and phone usage.

    This is what i did and it worked for me and what I've done for a few people and it worked for them. A lot of peoples anxieties come from trying to play an egalitarian role. It seems stupid if you have that mind set but men should do something physically aggressive, with some danger, things that make them feel like a man. Shoot guns take boxing lessons ride a motorcycle stuff like that build something with tools.

    Women should remove the stress from their lives to perform in a work environment. You know deep inside that you're supposed to be playing with and caring for a cute baby. A dog is not the same thing, you're just lying to yourself. And no you cannot shed the responsibility and stress from a job as easily as a man can. Stop stepping up, step back and breathe easy.

    I've seen this work with many people and fully 100% believe it.
    • Thank you! I will look onto this list, as this is great information!

    • Feel free to PM if you have specific questions.

  • LaFerrari
    I too suffer from Anxiety and it’s severe, though I don’t let it stop me from enjoying life. I go on hikes often i like to escape the chaos and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds my state, I like to mediate, breathing exercises, whittle sticks, look for cool rocks or fossils on my hikes. I enjoy playing my singing bowls when I’m outdoors to.. very calming. Everyone’s different on what helps them!

    Keep your head up high Kieran!
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  • MysticDevice
    The best therapy/counciling I ever had was actually Heavy Metal. It may sound strange, I know, but the music tackles the issues of anxiety and depression head-on. If anxiety and depression were a physical wall made of bricks, then Heavy Metal is an enornous bulldozer and just demolishes the wall.

    The music gives you the mental energy to keep fighting and power through. Its worked better for me than any doctor or medicine they ever tried to give me.
  • SweedyPie
    Anyone with depression and/or anxiety should watch this in my opinion. Great take!
  • msc545
    Therapy is expensive and difficult for both the therapist and the patient. It is out of the reach for many people because insurance companies balk at paying for it and pay very little or limit the number of sessions or cripple it in many other ways.
  • caitycat21
    Thanks, I needed this ! I also suffer with depression and anxiety
  • MzAsh
    This is awesome. Glad you are finding healthy ways to move through your experiences.
  • _Just_A_girl_
    DM for a therapist who is so affordable and does virtual and in person but gotta be in mi, nyc or neighboring areas
  • noohair
    Actually clinical depression and anxiety are chemical reactions in your brain that are not normal. It manifests in feeling horrible.
  • Valeire
    Maybe you should change an environment and try to deal more with positive and optimistic people. Develop more hobbies in your normal life, which will make a difference to your depression.
    • Thank you Valerie. I have found comfort in my own company, I grew up with many different people and personalities thay I find the effects are over stimulating and can be frustrating depending on the type of person/persons around!
      I have attempted many hobbies and kept some. It is rather difficult to find a person or people who have a good sense of moral, and will not lead someome into a misdirection.
      I like to work, only find that there will always be people in a working environment that have other alternative plans, completely different from my own!

  • ihatemylife123
    when you're dealing with depression you have very negative thoughts. so be aware of your thoughts.
    • thoughts leads to feelings which leads to actions. is why depress people commit suicide.

  • Jamie05rhs
    This is the most positive shit I've read in a long time. This was really good. Thanks, dude.
  • EffaMan
    nice info
  • lightbulb27
    excellent! keep that one pinned ontop of GAG.
  • ninaneedshelp
    I wish I saw this a couple days ago!
    Its damage your personality
    • No, My life experience has made me realise how much I am missing out on, and how much I am not missing out on!

  • Anonymous
    GOD Christ is above the dome

    you must work for him
  • Anonymous

    This is an area where I have some personal expertise, and the word length on this answer would prevent me from giving as thorough an answer as I could. But I'll keep it short and simple:

    Take care of your health.

    You can make a lot of progress fighting depression and anxiety by simply taking care of the basics: eat healthy food, get regular exercise, sleep when you're supposed to, and avoid health-destroying drugs (e. g. alcohol and tobacco).
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