Unnecessary control of urine and it's complications.

Unnecessary control of urine and its complications.

Urinary incontinence should be taken seriously. It can also be caused by a urinary tract infection or a serious disease of the kidneys, bladder or prostate.
It is also difficult to control urine in prostate hypertrophy, cystitis, diabetes, Parkinson's disease etc. It starts suddenly in women during pregnancy or after childbirth.
After the age of 40, this problem starts without any disease in most women even in the days of cessation of menstruation.
Urinary control can also be difficult due to weakness of the bladder muscles, over-sensitivity of the muscles or nerve damage.
Bladder or kidney stones, prostate, bladder or urinary tract cancer, tumors also cause this problem.
Those who drink alcohol, beer, cigarettes, cold drinks, fruit, Rooh Afza etc., also become this defect and those who have the habit of drinking more water than necessary also lose their urinary control.
But urinary tract infection or bladder infection can be the cause of passing urine while sleeping. By the way, bladder muscles also become weak in diabetic patients. As a result, little or no urine is passed all the time or is not controlled.
This pain also becomes common with age. People who eat too much sweet or salty food or are fond of eating too much or obese people also have this problem quickly.
However, many people also leak a little urine when they sneeze, cough, exercise vigorously, or lift heavy weights. Many people also leak urine due to fear and panic.
The urine in the bladder is formed little by little from the kidneys and continues to accumulate drop by drop for 24 hours. Urinary urge occurs when the bladder is full.
Often due to urinary retention, the nerves of the bladder are destroyed or the kidneys can also be damaged. Due to excessive pressure on the muscles, the muscle called bladder sphincter, which works to constrict the urinary tract, gets damaged.Due to the loss of sphincter control, the urine starts to leak a little or is not controlled. Urinary incontinence can also occur due to stone operations, prostate cancer surgery or radiation therapy.

Eating a small amount of ajwain in the morning meal and asafoetida in vegetables in the evening can prevent this problem caused by most of the diseases of the urinary organs.

Similarly, the diseases of those who use less salt, pepper, and sweet are very rare. Even those who use tea, coffee, green tea, cold drinks, Rooh Afza, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes etc. do not develop many dangerous diseases quickly.

Those who always like to work with their hands do not get many diseases and they are also protected from many other diseases.

So everyone should keep to simple food and drink. All kinds of drugs should be avoided. Must get used to manual labor and walking. Do not eat or drink anything on a full stomach. Always eat less than necessary.

Urinary incontinence can be treated, but the causes are different for each patient. Therefore, one medicine cannot be made for all. But the treatment can be done only by taking detailed information about the age, disease and physical symptoms of each patient and conducting necessary tests.

Unnecessary control of urine and it's complications.
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