I Don't Fit His Mom's Ideal Daughter In Law...

So I've been together with my boyfriend for 8 months now, and god do I love him!:D

He's absolutely perfect!:) He's sweet and loving and caring and handsome and funny and just everything I look for in a guy^^

And our relationship is like this fairytale... we have had a couple of fights but somehow we end up laying in each others arms in bed feeling even more in love! I can come to him with all my problems and I know he'll do anything to make me happy! and I do my best to make him as happy as possible:D I love him with all my heart!:D

And he's christian, and I am not:P Which is totally fine with me, I waited for him to want to have sex (which took 6 months) and I go to church with him every once in a while and if the church has some fair I'll be the first one to help collect money:)

But his mom always is really weird to me, so I asked him to talk to her, 'cause I couldn't do more to impress her. so he asked her what her problem with me is. and I do not fit the image of the girlfriend she had in store for him. I'm not christian, or blond or shorter than him or skinny (I'm rather big)... But what do I do now, should I just be like: f*** you? or should I try to impress her even more? or how can I make her like me a bit more?
I Don't Fit His Mom's Ideal Daughter In Law...
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