How do I get my boyfriend to tell me what he wants me to do with my body?

Before you get the wrong idea!!! I'm having trouble deciding what body type I like best on girls. I think curvy, in between, skinny and fit is all hot. At the moment, I would say I am fit.
Anyway, it's driving me insane. I can't pick a body type. And with my metabolims and gym dedication, self control and love of food, I can be any of these. I can't decide and it's driving me mental. I know, I'm an obsessive freak but I like having something to work towards regarding my body. I like constantly striving for perfection. It keeps me on my toes.
So I keep asking my boyfriend what body shape he likes best. he just keeps saying, "You're perfect how you are". Which is lovely and all that but it doesn't help me. It frustrates me. He said that when I was 7 kilos lighter, too. I ask what he'd think if I put on more weight and he says I'd still be perfect. If I lose weight, I'd still be perfect. JUST GIVE ME A STRAIGHT ANSWER, MAN!
He likes big butts, I know this. But Sir-mix-alot was wrong. My boyfriend still lies.
So, I ask if he wants me to put on more weight, no straght answer. I show him a picture of myself when I was SUPER skinny. He says it's hot. I show him a picture of a skinny girl, "That's hectic" he replies innocently.
Like, what the hell? Just tell me so I can have some piece of mind and I'll shut up. How do I get him to tell me, so I can stop sitting on the fence?
How do I get my boyfriend to tell me what he wants me to do with my body?
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