Do you think over weight people look funny when working out? Do you watch them workout?

I'm 5'1ft./145lbs. I'm very self conscious to the point that I don't like leaving the house, even though I do. All my life I cared about my weight. I stayed skinny, sometimes too skinny, because I did it in a very unhealthy way at times. I know I have a pretty face. I just always had a problem with my body. I'm never happy with it. I got help for my anorexia and over a few years I gained a lot of weight. I've never worked out to lose weight. I have lost 20lbs by dieting but that isn't working anymore. So I joined a gym. But when I walked in I see all these perfect bodies. Women where toned and skinny even sweating they looked good. The guys were ripped or at least defined to the point of drool worthy. Are they looking at me as I work out and will they be amused by me? I noticed when the woman took me around, that when I walked by them they did watch what we were talking about. So that makes me think that they aren't so lost in their workout that they won't notice me. I won't be able to workout as hard as them. I want to workout in a dark room because I guarantee I won't look remotely pretty sweating my ass off. I need a place where someone can show me how to workout so I need the gym.
What do people think when they see someone over weight working out?
I'm sorry this might not seem like a big deal but I'm freaking out over it.
yeah, it's very funny/entertaining.
sometimes it's funny
No, I don't pay attention enough to notice.
I notice but it's not funny or entertaining in anyway.
I don't workout
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I've been going to the gym. A guy there actually helped me for free and he was a good motivator. He should be a trainer. I'm 126 lbs now. I'm working on about 10-15 more lbs but I feel great and look great again. I'm happy. Thank you for all your opinions!
Do you think over weight people look funny when working out? Do you watch them workout?
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