Volleyball for High School?

i love Volleyball. I've been playing it probably since I was in 5th grade. I am now going to be a High School Freshman. I say I'm good at playing Volleyball. But it's normal that people doubt there own self at times. Anyways I asked my mom if I could do a Volleyball camp and she accepted my request so she paid some what a lot of money (not a whole lot like DANG no not like that) for this camp. It was very tough to compete with these other girls that are way way way better than me in volleyball and they are all incoming Freshman like me. Today was the last day of the camp and I got to admit that I need to improve my serving and foot work that's what the coaches told me to do during the summer until try outs. The Coaches said that its gonna be 10x worse like the stretches the workouts etc. I barely survived this week to be honest! 😂😂 I don't know if I'm scared or something because I'm having doubts in joining Volleyball. Like I don't want to give up and quit especially not right now because my mom spent that money at the camp for ME. I still love Volleyball but I don't know if I should tryout for the team.
Volleyball for High School?
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