Plan to ask out volleyball player at school?

I've been to a few of my university's ladies volleyball matches this season so far. There's a woman on the team who has really caught my eye. I would really like to ask her out to get to know her better. I don't know her personally. Based on my research there's a good probability she is single.

My plan is to get a mini volleyball, write a cute message on it to her. After the next match I want to get her attention and toss it to her, and ask her out.

What do you think? Any suggestions or feedback?
For the females, how would you react if a guy did this to you? Any flattery? My backup plan is to make a sign, with a cute slogan and her name or number, and after the game get her to sign it, then chat with her, hopefully ending with asking her out. How about this one?

Thank you for your assistance!
Plan to ask out volleyball player at school?
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