Is 141 lbs 'fat'?

I am 5'6 and female. I know that a lot of people will tell me that I am fat, but I am only a size 4 and I don't have that much fat. I mean, I cringe when I see myself in the mirror but some people tell me I'm ok. Other friends tell me I'm fat and go on to explain how they weigh 80 pounds or something. Either way, don't take my word for it: I want to know what the general populas thinks. Also, if it helps, I run at the gym almost everyday (about 2-3 miles a day). Also last year I dieted and went to the gym for half a year and I lost 27 pounds and got to the upper 130s. I continued to go to the gym and eat relatively healthy but I automatically went back up to 141 and stayed there for a long time. Thank you for your answers :)

Also, for guys, if I told you I was 141 lbs would you automatically shy away?
Only a bit
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Is 141 lbs 'fat'?
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