Where do I go to meet VERY skinny girls?

Where do I go to meet very skinny girls?

I realize that this sounds like a bull Sh#! question, but I am being serious. Is there a place that they might go? What should I do to look for them?

Any ideas or suggestions?

I am sorry if this p*sses any ladies off. If you have a problem, feel free to ask your own question like "where to meet attractive fortune 500 business men who are sensitive, romantic and adventurous."

Please give me some real and reasonable answers!


To be more specific I mean bmi between 18 and 19. For example someone would be anorexic around 17 bmi. or lower.


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  • haha what a question, simply hilarious!

    go to the hospital they have a lot of anorexic girls there, swear down, you said VERY skinny and that is what anorexic is

    A catwalk show, a lot of VERY skinny girls there

    • Thanks for enjoying my question. I seriously do not want a skinny girl because that is the popular thing to do or because the media makes me THINK I want a skinny girl. I am about 99% positive that I actually have a skinny fetish. So therefore, that is what I will search for.

    • So weird :/

      Anyhow Good Luck

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  • gym, cafes that only sell healthy stuff,or certain clubs maybe. I'm just wondering how skinny is very skinny? I'm 5'0'' and 100 lbs. do you want even skinnier than that?

    • That is pretty darn good. If I were to be very specific I mean bmi around 18-19. Good question

  • Gym... Hospital... Internet pro-ana support sites... Beach... High class fashion store...

    Have fun, unless your girlfriend dies on you first. (I know it sounds mean but what do you expect? As for the places I mean each one..)

  • no offense,but thisquestion mkaes you sound like a d***...

  • the gym

    spin classes

    whole foods

    trader joes

    yoga classes

    health food stores

    high end designer stores

    abercrombie and fitch


    i'm not a very skinny girl but I don't find what you said offensive, everyone has a certain type and you're entitled to be attracted to who you like, its not like you insulted girls with other body types you just said you like very skinny girls

    • I actually have never really liked hitting on girls at the gym. Maybe I will visit high end designer stores and spin classes.

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  • I am into really skinny girls too.

    I get a LOT of crap for it, but I'm glad to know there are more guys out there like me.

    I have trouble finding them too

  • the gym!

  • How bout a mortuary ? You'll find the skinniest of girls there, but they'll kinda be dead, but yeah skinny!