Is he asking me out or what do you think his intentions are?

So I asked something similar to this before but I don't think I asked it correctly. But basically a male friend of mine that I've known for a while and I were hanging out at his place of business and like near the end of the evening we were talking about his neck has been killing him and I recommended he go see the chiropractor we both new.

Then he starts talking about how his back was hurting recently only because he's been playing golf a lot lately because one day he wants to go pro. Then out of no where he says:

Him: If you want I could show you how to play?

Me: Sure but when?

Him: Saturday afternoon, evening.sunday.but after church cause I go in the mornings

Me: Well.whenever you want to go, just let me know and we'll go.

Him: Okay.

Then we start talking about other subjects and then out of the blue again he asks me when do I normally go to church and I told him that I don't go to church anymore and that I haven't for a long time because the way I see it, I already know that I have to be others and etc. etc. and I didn't need to go to church for me to know that.

Then he says he's not really religious either that he goes to destress adn get some positivity in his life and a little clarity and then he starts inviting me to go to his. I said, "But I'm not really religious" and he says "that's okay you can just come as my guest." and he starts telling me that they have a real live rock band there and how neat it was (his words) lol.and then we go into other topics about sports and blah blah blah

My question is.what do you make of this? Is he asking me to play golf with him to go out with me or to just hang out? Also with the church thing.was he inviting me to go WITH him or just to go in general.

Both invites were kind of random and this is the first time he's ever DIRECTLY asked me to do something one on one. He may have hinted in the past.
Is he asking me out or what do you think his intentions are?
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