At what age did you stop growing?

Stopping to grow means no more than 5cm (=2 inches) difference in height in comparison to your height today.

I had a discussion on this with my classmates today and when a friend of mine asked me at which age I was taller than the other kids, I thought about it a little and then said "I was always taller than people my age" and the only tall guy in my class started to laugh and added "Knowing your parents, that certainly isn't a surprise" lol.

At 12, I was 179cm (=5'10). At 14, I was 181cm (=5'11). At 16, I was 183cm and now I'm apparently 184cm (both equal to 6').

Hence, to answer my question, I "stopped" growing at 12.

So, when did you stop growing?
At what age did you stop growing?
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