Whte women and black women, what do you think of this? do you age becaue you are cursed or is ti drugs or what?

Asian women are evolving to live longer and longer and age less, while white women and black women are evolving to age faster and die faster, as average lifespan in the western world has actually started decreasing the past two decades. previously it had been increasing by 1 year per decade. Now Asians are living longer nad longer and westerners are starting to die faster. And so 35 years old Asian women look as young as 25 years old white women, and 50 years old Asians look as young as 35 years old white women (and blacks), so what's wrong with you?

Have you ever wondered why you all look like drug addicts while the healthy people on the other side of the planet live 10 years longer and look 15 years younger on average? and they're never obese and dont get heart disease or diabetes or stroke either. So what's wrong with you white people and black people? Asians get genetic disease half as often as whites and native americans. African Americans and native Africans get genetic disease TWICE as often as whites and native americans.

Have you ever wondered why God curses you to die sooner and look like a prune by th etime you die? While the 60 years old Chinese lady at the local Asian restaurant still looks like she's 40-something and is absolutely fuckable? Wonder what's wrong here? There's a curse from God on you, and the Chinese people and other Asians are blessed, not to mention they eat right and they didn't kill themselves for tens of thousands of years with human sacriifice the way your races did.

Now remember, I'm white, so I'm condemning my own race. When a person rebukes or mocks their own race, it's because theirs some truth to the matter. So do so many white women look like they are 100 years old by the time they are 50? Do you do drugs and cigarettes for fun? You are killing yourself, morons... or maybe your just plain cursed due to other sins and you're just butt ugly and are going to die 10 or 15 years ahead of time too.
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Why would I date a 32 years old white woman (as if) when she looks like she's 50 years old. when I can date a 32 years old Chinese woman who looks like she's 22 years old, and she doesn't have premarital sex and she makes her own fortune, while white women expect a man to pay their entire lviing and give them half their income and shit.

lol. So my new chinese girlfriend is vastly superior to you all.
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Thank God white women never wanted to date me anyway, else I'd never have met Snow, right? So thank God, she's a 100 times better person and more moral and decent than any of you ever were anyway. So you know, ask God why you are cursed to age 15 years faster than Asians and die 10 years faster than them, and have lower I. Q. than them too...
Whte women and black women, what do you think of this? do you age becaue you are cursed or is ti drugs or what?
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