LADIES: any opinions on this? (A little tmi)?

Hello, so I came on here to ask my fellow ladies about breast health. I want to see if this is normal and I’m just being paranoid or if it is something that I should go to the doctor for. So lately I have been having this crust type stuff forming on my nipples, it’s not hard and it seems sort of soft. I tried looking it up and it seems to be a result of discharge (?). I’m not pregnant and I’m under 18 (if this info helps). It’s kinda brownish/tan.

I thought it may be breast cancer but I don’t have any other symptoms that would indicate this, I don’t have much of a female figure in my life to go to so I was hoping someone on here can give advice on if it’s normal (and like something from a period) or if it’s something I should get checked out. Please don’t make fun of me or anything, I just didn’t have anywhere else to turn and I didn’t want to go to the doctors if it’s nothing.

I posted a pic of what it looks like, as I pulled some of it out, maybe other girls are having a similar issue? 🤔
LADIES: any opinions on this? (A little tmi)?
LADIES: any opinions on this? (A little tmi)?
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