Ladies I need your take on this! Criticism is welcome:)

ok I see a lot girls on here saying that they would not sleep with a guy that has a awesome personality but looked unappealing those men might as well be douche bags and a**holes.

I'm wondering if you went to a party and I started chatting with you if I would have a chance physically speaking I can take criticism very well I would like feedback on what you think I should improve on my body I know what I want to improve just would like honest constructive feedback just nothing like "its what insides that matters" or "nothing wrong with you babe" something that tells what I should improve or what you like about my features lol

ill tell you a little about myself:

- 6 feet tall

- brown hair its kinda long right now going to get a haircut soon any ideas?

- I am a little chubby about 220

- I have an underbite I know its one of the things I'm going to fix I know its digusting

- bent nose going to fix that to its grosse

- 6 inch penis 5 1/2 girth is that decent? serious question not being an idiot

- and a sweet personality :)

ps I don't really care bout being the hottest dude alive just attractive enough since I have a good personality to be attractive to girls so I can get dates more often:)

click on my profile for pictures
bent nose is a deviated septum fyi


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  • lol I think you're funny, based on your writing. that's already a plus. personally, I don't care about weight or anything of that nature. I prefer chubbier guys because they give the most awesome hugs :)

    would I date you strictly on your physical appearance? probably not. you're not ugly tho, don't get me wrong. you're cute in that dorky kinda michael cera/jack black/andy samberg/seth rogen kinda way, which I can totally dig, but I love all those guys because I think they are HILARIOUS. seriously, seth rogen and I need to make babies.

    so, if I actually got to know you and you made me split my side laughing, I'd definitely go for you.

    same goes for a guy who's stereotypically good looking. I don't date based on looks. if I saw a hot guy, my reaction would be just sexual. I don't glance at guys and think 'geeze, he has a great heart!' ya know. somebody being datable is always based on personality for me.


    i CAN be a shallow dater if the guy is skater-ish. I LOVE the skater look... it makes me swoon. I know it's stupid, but that's how I feel. they're always so chill and brooding... LOL


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  • O.K, I'm not super fussy, but to be chatting to a guy/flirting with him I have to find him a LITTLE attractive to want to do anything with him...and personally, I'm a short girl with a petite frame so I like shorter guys- so I think you have to approach the kind of girls you feel like you would be compatible with i.e. if you are like you say, a little chubby, then you might want to go for taller (cos your 6 foot) slightly chubbier/curvy girls because couples tend to work like that i.e. they tend to look 'right' together physically, so you'd probably be more appealing to girls who have a similar body type to you- so personally without even looking at your photos I would not be interested because you're not my type from your description, not because you're unattractive I'm sure, just not what I would go for- even if a guys good looking if he's over 5'9 I lose interest (too tall!)...If your looks are affecting your confidence and ability to approach girls, then I suggest trying to lose some weight and triming your body down maybe even losing a stone could make a diference to how you feel and make you feel more confident xxxxxxx

    • Thank you shortie for your honesty most girls I have talked to like taller guys so this is different and some taller girls hate that there so tall this will work to my advantage thank you very much for your time shortie have a good day:)

  • Ok... I can be very honest with you because I like guys who care about their appearance! I looked at your pictures and you are not bad looking at all... your nose is not a problem as you had made it sound. What you need to work on is on your body overall! You just need to hit the gym and diet! Trim some of your weight especially the belly part! work on your chest to make your pectorals look more masculine. I am not saying your look feminine or anything like that because I cannot see it from that view. Just try to make them look flatter - lose the fat in there! Women like that ... a lot of us women just keep saying they don't care about how the guy looks physically but that's BS most of the time ... what attracts people in the first place is the physical part so if you want more dates and/or you want women to look at you more often... then try to do what I said... at least you will get some women attention! everything else you mentioned about you is second on my list and you ca work on those later ... just focused on your body! Most women get turn o by looking at a guy that just have a nice bod, same goes with guys who find petite and curvy girls so appealing... so it works both ways... hope I helped!

    • Thank you for being super honest and very very nice feedback I love it:)

      ill will start a membership at the local gym thank you for your time janelov:)

    • No problem! you are very welcome! Do the gym thing and don't slack off.... Get it if you are really committed to do exercise otherwise it would be a waste of money! Also, you are young so do it before its too late... if you let your belly grow and grow later on it would be super hard to lose it. it would require extra effort so do it now! also have you ever noticed how some dudes with nice body seem so cocky when they are shirtless? well, they have something to show!

    • Haha yeah cocky bastards lol thanks for being honest I greatly appreciate it:)

      and I'm going to hit the gym I'm so ready to feel the burn baby!

  • I cannot say much about how you look, it's mostly all in how you carry yourself whether or not you'll be found attractive by most girls. All girls are going to have different preferences for looks. But I'll tell you the things that are nearly completely universal among women.

    If you carry a good posture, not a hunchy one like you play too many video games, are confident, chin straight, direct gaze, unafraid, yourself, bright smile, honest, and funny you'll score. Bottom line. I see nothing in your picture or description that is so bad. But it could be, if you carry yourself weak, awkward, and unsure.

    If you go to buy a car, and the salesman hates something about how it looks, or has a lack of confidence in the car, would you buy it? I hope not. Be your own salesman and sell it like you mean it.

    And sure as hell make sure you smell good. LIGHTLYscent yourself and be clean. Let your natural scent/pheramones come through without the B/O. Not all girls will like your natural scent, this is genetics and you cannot choose who will like your smell, if you do everything else right though, you'll have a great chance with the girls who do. And good smelling, confident man with a good personality is difficult to resist.

    Sorry if you think this is a mushy "it's not about the outside it's the inside" answer. It's really not. It's basic psychology.

    Also, the MOST VITAL thing to concern yourself with physically. Confidence and body language is first, but if you're set to change physically, make sure it's on creating a good shoulder/waist ratio. 0.75 or lower is considered most attractive, and this isn't just superficial trendy b/s this is naturally psychological and often subconcious. This "V" shape signifies health and fertility, therefore, will attract women to you.

    Good luck, I hope my advice helps.

  • honest opinion? you're fishing for compliments. by posting all the negative things you think about yourself, it's only normal for girls to try and make you feel better and tell you you're cute.

    my advice - stop pointing out to people all your flaws, I bet no one on here would have even noticed and under bite or a crooked nose if you hadnt pointed it out. I think lack of confidence is the biggest turn off... and saying you're going to "fix" everything? by that do you mean plastic surgery? another turn off.

    i think for your hair you should shorten the back and the sides, and leave the front long. to style you should use pomade and just kinda give it a messy look.

    it wouldn't kill you to lose a few pounds, you're face looks a little chubby, and if your skin was a little clearer you'd look better. and if you really want to make yourself look better, don't worry so much on the things you can't really change, girls notice what a guy wears first, and his hair :)

    • Im def am not fishing for compliments I not trying to hookup with anyone not trying to turn on anyone on this site just want to see

      i pointed out my flaws to see if they are really flaws or just something in my head that I think is worst then it is

      just looking for constructive feedback is all thank you:)

  • Dont change anything about you that is what makes you who you are! Don't turn into one of those guys that wants all girs to think he's hot it is so cliche and you deserve someone who likes you for you. Not a shallow little brat who only wants you for your looks. I know you said don't say this but I will anyway it is what's inside that counts, looks fade but what's inside only grows more precious and beutiful with age. I think you look perfect just the way you are. We are almost always are own worest critics; like me for example I don't like how short I am and ow tiny I am I think it makes me look weak and vonerable. The truth is its the way God made me and he has never made junk and he didn't start making it with you! Don't worry about the way you look your fine honestly :) :P :D XD

    • Well looks do matter I don't want to be a guy that gets lots and lots of girls just want to be more confident in myself and would like to be able to get a girl if I wanted her like if she broke up with me it wouldn't take 2 years to find another girl I haven't had a girl so far so I would like to be able to get a date with someone that I have come to like

      like most girls would not date someone ugly even if he had a sweet personality so that's why I started this

      thanks for your honestly tho:)

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    • I know your not but hey everyone needs compliments once in a while. Like I said before you are really fine the way you are but if you want to change yourself work out more and such is the easiest way to lose weight and build muscle good luck :) :P :D XD

    • Thank you you have a good day myste:)

  • I think you're handsome based on the pictures. I don't agree that you're chubby because you're not. You hold your weight well for a man who is 6ft. Your nose and hair are fine as well. The size of your junk doesn't matter to me.

    When you get to my age, you look at more than the guy's physical appearance. He really needs to mesh well with me, carry on a conversation, hopefully be educated, treat me very well (i.e. respect, like a lady etc.), be comfortable with himself and hold a job.

    If some chic passes you because you weren't "hot" then it's her loss. I would rather have a man who will make me laugh, treat me right and be my best friend then constantly see him look at his reflect in the mirror.

    • I don't want you to say I'm handsome just feeback on what I should improve on my body is all

      and the girls that I like are the ones that I talk to a lot not random girls so I just don't want to be known as a friend with them is all

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    • I am not a liar. If you look at the numerous posts I have answered, it is in there MANY times. As I said, to me, I don't wouldn't ask you to change anything. I think you're handsome. You wanted honest advise and that is all I would extend since you asked about your body.

    • Oh sorry if that sounded like I said you were a liar just saying I like honesty:)

  • You're not a bad looking guy, but you're obviously focusing on your flaws. I didn't even notice an underbite in your pictures, or a bent nose, but you pointed those out and called them disgusting and gross. That's a defensive thing--you want to point out and criticize yourself before anyone else has a chance to. I don't see why you need to "fix" those things unless there's a medical reason for it, they're not as bad as you think. You just need to be more confident. Like I said, you're not a bad looking guy, so if you show more confidence, girls will definitely find you attractive.

    • Thank you that makes a lot of sense I shouldnt of said my flaws other girl said that too

      oh and an underbite and a deviated septum are medical reasons so "fixing" is the term I use lol

      idk if its really a bent nose its more like a bump on the nose lol

      i pointed them out to tell you what I think needs to be improve it could be a defensive thing I don't know lol

    • Yeah, I know underbites are a medical thing, but you didn't say anything about a deviated septum! lol That's different. If you're having surgery for cosmetic reasons, it's usually a turn-off. If you're doing it for medical reasons, it's not a big deal.

    • I should of but that's what I meant my bent nose I should make an update thanks

  • Well, to start, I honestly think you are pretty cute. I think you have a nice face. If you REALLY want something to work on, I would just say work out and make the most of your nice tall height. I don't think you are really overweight, but if you are going for, you know, smoking, then I think most girls with like a tight flat tummy.

    That being said, this downer stuff HAS TO GO. There is nothing less attractive than a guy who is uncomfortable with himself. Really. I know you have sort of written these types of comments off, but really. The guys that get girls interested at parties are the ones who ooze self assurance and self worth.

    PS: if you are planning of surgically fixing your nose, dont. Really, that's insane, your nose is fine. I'm sure that would be a huge turn of for many many girls.

    • I have a deviated septum if you didn't read

  • Sooo, I went and looked at your pictures and I really don't think you're bad lookng at all. And I didn't even notice the crooked nose, you exaggerated too much. You are pretty decent, tall and sweet personality. I love it. The hair, I can careless, to be honest with you. As long as it's not too long, like girls' length. 220lbs might be a little chubby but it's not all that bad. I would love if a guy is built though, it's just more attractive. In the pictures, I can't notice the underbite, so I can't comment on that. And your penis is decent, not too big, not too small since my vagina isn't that wide either.

    • Thanks for your honesty Cheena I have decided to not lose weight but start working out and get some muscle and I am going to fix my teeth I should put a photo up of them to get feedback but I don't need anymore feedback I know now what I must do for myself:)

      and thank you for your time Cheena:) I hope you had a good day, and have a good sunday:)

  • Well me personally, if I don't find someone at least a little cute I won't date them (but I'm sure if I met someone super amazing that wouldn't stop me)

    okay let's see from your pictures you're adorable

    6 ft-good! I'm five ten and it's hard to find guys taller than me

    brown-brown is good and I like shaggyer hair

    weight- mehh unless you're severely obese I could care less

    bent nose- my last boyfriend had a huge crooked nose from your pictures it's fine don't worry about it

    6in- don't really care

    sweet personality-GOOD!

    • Haha thanks for super honest with me brunettebabe if that's ur real name lol

      felt like I should put the inches up to get judged completely not trying to be a perv or anything

      did you read that I have an underbite?

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    • Nice to meet you amanda:)

      what would you be jealous of?

    • Lol it was supposed to be a joke 'cuz I always wanted braces..

  • hey! so honestly I'm the type of person who doesn't care about looks. but I mean from what you've written down and what your pictures are... 6' is like the perfect height. I'm 5'7 and I think anything below 5'11 is too short and anything above 6'2 is on the tall side (although id rather them be on the taller side than shorter side). I also like hair longer, shaggy hair is cute in my opinion. fixing your underbite is a good idea and if you want to become less self concious about your weight you can always look for an affordable gym. about your bent nose... I really don't see anything wrong with it. I've always wanted to get nose surgery on my nose because there's a small bump on it. but after a lot of talking from my friends, theyve convinced me it really isn't anything that makes me less attractive. its just one of those things that's like its all I can see in the mirror even though its not a big deal. and average dick size is 5 inches. so that means half the male population has a smaller dick size than you. I've been with guys that have smaller sized dicks and bigger dicks. it really all depends how you use it. and the sweet personality seals the deal :)

  • Well, you're tall and have a nice face and skin so that's a good start. You can go on youtube for videos on how to work out and scan the web for dieting advice. Baby steps you can take are: Replace soda and juices with water, Include a lot of fiber in your diet, and do activities/sports that you like so you can lose wieght effortlessly. Girls don't care about penis size, that's a myth. I think you would look good with either short hair or hair a little on the shaggy side. Hope that helps!

  • um, does it even matter, because you're gonna get different views, and you can't satisfy everyone. it's how YOU feel comfortable.

    But since you're seeking my opinion...I would say that you're height is good. I'm only 5'2 so guys taller than that is kind of too much.

    I like scruffy guys with unkempt hair so I would probably tell you to leave your hair like that.

    Um...chubby guys okay, depending on how you dress and how you carry yourself--at least for me. I like personally skinny guys.

    I think bent noses are HOT and very masculine. So you shouldn't change that. It gives you character.

    Your penis is a perfect vagina is only 4 inches so I wouldn't want a mumbo jumbo 8 hitting my cervix you know?

    So..there.Are you happy now? Does that make you feel better? Because I'm just a stranger so I don't see how this is any helpful.

    • Nope not really dollhouse hahaha not tell I am muscular and have nice teeth:)

      just hope that was all honesty because that was very well put and wanted criticism

      And want the criticism from random girls because they do not know my personality and that would effect how they answer saying better things about me then what they really think

      just wanted the criticism on my physically stature:)

      thank you for your time dollhouse much obliged:)

    • No problem =)

    • Thank you:)

  • I know you said you don't want compliments, but to start this off I'm just gonna say that I think its great that you can accept criticism and even want criticism to try to improve yourself. But really, there isn't too much "wrong" with you. I'm not gonna lie, physical looks are great for making first impressions, but its the personality that keeps the girl around. So about your underbite: yeahh it would be good to fix that, especially since its not too hard to do.. but as for you nose, I don't think that there's really anything to fix. I mean, its your nose, you don't have to go and surgically fix it. I agree, that's insane.

    and I agree that the hottest thing about a guy is his confidence. so work out if that will help get your self image up, and get out there big guy.

    • I have a deviated septum at least the bump on it doesn't look bad lol

  • I went to look at your pictures and your not ugly at all. Your actually kinda cute.

    All you have to work on is your weight really. And I didn't notice the thing about your nose. It's not that noticeable.And so all you got to do is lose weight and fit your teeh that's all pretty much and then everything else is fine :)

    • Thank you from the other anwsers it seems like my nose isn't a problem but my teeth and weight but those are things I knew b4 that I wanted to fix on

      so I apprentice your honesty tasteduhsugar:)

  • i think that personally I like it wen guys have "flaws" it makes them unique. I don't think every one has to be perfect. The one thing is being in shape if your in shape you feel more attractive and that's all that you need if you feel good looking then your confident and everyone likes a confident guy and nice smelling is good too! but changing how you look isn't the answer just look confident and nice and you'll find a girl

  • honestly? your not ugly,but your not my type. like others have been saying if its a good girl.. that yoour after.. looks shouldnt matter..personality should. the guy in my question you'd said youd answer if if I answered this isn't the cutest thin.. he's all and skinny.. and has a funny looking face but I like him because he is funny, and sweet.. so.. looks don't matter to me.. I can't answer for other girls

    • Cutest thing* and tall and skinny*

    • Whats ur question then?


  • For my taste, I think you need to tone up.


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  • nothing really wrong with you

    and losing weight is very easy just go to a gym trust me its easy

    you just gotta be committed

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