Is money one reason the rich tend to be thin?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was obese when he was poor and living in India and now that he is rich, he is very thin. Madonna was obese as a kid and now that she is rich she is muscular and fit. I would not say I’m skinny cause the medications and supplements I take for my health make me likely to gain weight but I knew a girl who took the same medications I’m taking and she weighed 600 pounds while I weigh less than 1/3 what she weighed and I think it’s because I live with rich parents and I’m able to buy health supplements and nutritional products that she does not have the income to buy and those products help me lose weight and prevent further weight gain.
They can afford weight loss treatments
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Work ethic makes them skinny
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Stress / Professionalism makes them skinny
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It’s just coincidence / not true that rich are skinnier
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Is money one reason the rich tend to be thin?
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